“High Point” traveling to Montrose in June

“HIGH POINT, The Art of Showing Horses” debuts in Montrose at the A&Y Design Gallery, 513 E Main with three days of activities and events.

With Main Street closed to traffic and open to evening strollers, Monarch, my Lipizzan gelding will arrive at A&Y Design Gallery to stand for body painting and pose for pictures with you. Photos of you, Monarch, and your creations can be emailed to your computer. Have you ever painted a horse? What designs will you create? Krystine Maximer will also be present for face painting.

Head, Heart, Hands, Health" Copyright B. Haynie
Head, Heart, Hands, Health” Copyright B. Haynie

While you are there, stop in the gallery to preview the show, or bid on the silent auction pieces to benefit the Colorado’s Wild Horses.

FRIDAY, JUNE 6TH: First Friday Art Walk OPENING for “HIGH POINT” in Montrose. The artists will each preview new work, with the show consisting of more than three dozen pieces, including painting, prints, and sculpture. Find the perfect piece of art for your home, business, or barn. It’s wedding and graduation season. Give artwork for the new home.

Opening events include live music with Karen and Friends, featuring the music of Karen Mercer, Margaret Freeman, and Kurt Isgreen. Refreshments include barn-themed food for horses and humans, as well as Oriental treats to celebrate 2014 Year of the Horse. Remember to fill a treat cup to bring back to the barn for your equine friends. Try your hand at Chinese brush painting with ink mural materials or the Zen board. A book of equine brush paintings will guide your artwork. Pick up materials and directions to make a folded, origami-style horse, called “zhezhi” in China. Participate in the silent auction to protect Colorado’s Wild Horses, and purchase cards with proceeds to aid the cause. A&Y Design Gallery will be the place to be Friday, June 6th for art, music, and community.

Horse Painting
Watercolor; size 16″ X 20″ price: $300

WORKSHOP 10-11 am
BENEFIT 1-3 pm
10:00 “Learn to Fold Zhezhi, the Chinese Paper Horse”
$10 includes materials, instruction, and a guide sheet. 2014 is the Year of the Horse in the Chinese zodiac. The spirit of the horse embodies good character and fundamental values, including energetic, bright, warm-hearted intelligence. These qualities have been a guiding inspiration for our show, “High Point.” Zhezhi, the traditional Chinese folk art of paper folding originated more than 1900 years ago in ancient China. The craft was exported to Japan, where it became popularized as origami. In this workshop, you will learn how to make all the folds to create a paper horse, including the reverse fold, which will give your horse dimension. You will learn how to personalize your folds to give your horse attitude and/or expression. After practicing on basic origami paper, you will make a finished horse with delicately patterned, traditional origami paper.

"Quien Li Ma" mythical Chinese horse, who could travel 1000K in a day.  Copyright C Isgreen
“Quien Li Ma” mythical Chinese horse, who could travel 1000K in a day. Copyright C Isgreen

After the workshop, visit the Farmer’s Market downtown, grab a bite to eat, and return at 1 PM for our benefit event to help protect Colorado’s mustangs. As is Barb’s and my practice, we include a benefit with each of our art exhibitions. To help publicize the plight of Colorado’s wild horses, we will screen James Kleinert’s award winning documentary, “Wild Horses and Renegades.” Followings the screening, there will be discussion and information about the cause. Bid on the artwork created by Barb and Cheri. You can also purchase art cards created by Cheri to benefit Kleinart’s work.

Stay tuned to this blog for more information about all these events. Mark your calendars today and SAVE THE DATES: JUNE 5-7

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Author: Cheri Isgreen

I have been a lifelong rider and horse lover. I got my first "horse" at a yard sale; it was a pony actually. It was sometime in the early 60's. I was in 3rd or 4th grade. The pony was perhaps $10. My sister, brother, and I pooled our money and led him home. At the time my parents were traveling, and my Uncle Bill promptly made us return it. (stay tuned...more to come...)

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