High Point Weekend schedule of events

“HIGH POINT, the Art of Showing Horses” is coming to Montrose, Colorado with a variety of events scheduled to engage the community with horses and art.

I will offer two door prizes during the “High Point” engagement at A&Y Gallery, based on my artwork.  Lucky winners can choose either a “High Point” tee shirt or a set of “Year of the Horse” cards.  Sign up for the drawing when you visit the show.  One winner will be drawn on Friday night at the Opening.  The second winner will be drawn at the close of the show, June 30th.  You may enter each time you visit the show through the month of June.  Winners need not be present to win, but they must fill out their entries legibly so we can contact them!

JUNE 5TH: Monarch visits A&Y Design Gallery

During Main in Motion, Monarch will be at the gallery for children, children-at-heart, and horse lovers to make handprints and designs on his white coat.  Monarch is a genuine Lipizzaner horse, whose sire was born in Austria at the Piber Stud of Vienna’s Spanish Riding School.  You can have your picture taken with him and emailed to your inbox.  You can also have your face painted, enjoy gellato, preview the show, bid on the silent auction pieces, learn about Colorado’s wild horses, and/or sign up for Saturday’s workshop, “Folding Paper Horses,”  (see below for details.)  The silent auction, benefitting James Kleinert’s efforts to protect Colorado’s Wild Horses, officially opens on Thursday and will run through the month of June.

"Head, Heart, Hands, and Health"  Copyright Barb Haynie
“Head, Heart, Hands, and Health” Copyright Barb Haynie

JUNE 6TH: “High Point” opening at A&Y Gallery

36 works of art depicting the majesty of horses in watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media by Cheri Isgreen and Barb Haynie will be showcased at the opening.  Barb and I each have new works we will be unveiling, including “Aurora,” an idealized vision of the Lipizzan.  This painting features poured techniques, demonstrating the spontaneous color interaction and luminosity of transparent watercolor.

Horse Painting
Watercolor; size 16″ X 20″ price: $300

Gallery goers will be treated to the live music of Karen & Friends.  Karen Mercer gathers musicians in her ever-changing performances.  At the “High Point” opening, Karen will blend vocals with Margaret Freeman performing country swing, folk, and blues.  With Karen playing rhythm guitar and Margaret providing percussion, Kurt Isgreen on lead guitar and Tony Kovasic on dobro will lend tasty rifts and melodic interludes to the combo.  While enjoying the art and music, sample a variety of food themed for the Chinese 2014  Year of the Horse and  barn-themed food designed to please horses and their humans.   There will be favor cups, so remember to bring a treat home to your pals at the barn!  Be inspired and explore the interactive community art activities, including Chinese brush painting, zen painting, and Year of the Horse origami.

JUNE 7TH: Origami workshop, 10:30-11:30 at the gallery.   Objects created by folding paper, popularized in Japan as origami, originated more than 1900 years ago in ancient China. This well loved traditional Chinese folk art is known as Zhezhi.  If you admire origami, but are frustrated by those printed directions, this is the workshop for you!  Learn to  fold a chain of zhezhi horses with beautiful  Japanese washi paper of Chiyogami designs, including gilded black designs, florals, waves, and geometrics.   $10 includes all materials and techniques to fold, personalize, and create a chain of origami horses.  Sign up at the gallery or call Yesenia at (970) 240-7914.

Horse Painting
“Quien Li Ma”
Watercolor; size 22″ X 28″ price: $450

“Wild Horses & Renegades”  TWO FREE SCREENINGS of this award winning documentary by James Kleinert: 1PM & 7PM, at the gallery.

James Kleinert’s evocative film examines the plight of America’s wild horses through interviews with scientific experts, ranchers, historians, wild horse owners, animal rights activists, environmentalists, movie stars, uranium prospectors, and many other colorful characters.  The film interviews such experts as Jim Baca former Director of the Bureau of Land Management. Randy Udall energy consultant, Michael Blake (Writer of Dances With Wolves), the Deputy Director of the Bureau of Land Management, Environmental Attorneys, Sheryl Crow, Viggo Mortensen,  among others.  Documenting wild horses in their authentic environment in Disappointment Valley, Colorado, “Wild Horses and Renegades” is a profound film that will awaken and touch all who view it. – (See more at     


To help support the efforts of James Kleinert to protect Colorado’s Wild Horses, Barb will offer her acrylic painting, “Head, Heart, Hands, and Health” (shown above) for silent auction, and I will offer the mixed media composition, “Don”t Fence Me In”.  Montrose photographer, Barb Young will also have one of her works available for bid.   Bidding officially begins at the gallery on Thursday June 5th and continues through June 30th at the close of the show.  To bid remotely, call Yesenia at the gallery  (970) 240-7914.

"Don't Fence Me In" silent auction mixed media to benefit Colorado's Wild Horses
“Don’t Fence Me In” silent auction mixed media to benefit Colorado’s Wild Horses



Author: Cheri Isgreen

I have been a lifelong rider and horse lover. I got my first "horse" at a yard sale; it was a pony actually. It was sometime in the early 60's. I was in 3rd or 4th grade. The pony was perhaps $10. My sister, brother, and I pooled our money and led him home. At the time my parents were traveling, and my Uncle Bill promptly made us return it. (stay tuned...more to come...)

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