More Works in Progress

It’s a busy time in the studio.  I’m working on two poured watercolors.  The pouring technique requires multiple drying times.  After the watercolor paper has been stretched or after a pour has been completed, the paper MUST DRY THOROUGHLY before applying the next mask.  Then after the mask has been applied, the mask MUST ALSO DRY THOROUGHLY before applying new paint.  Without patience, the mask will permanently bond to the paper, thus spoiling the painting.  The drying can not be speeded up with a hair dryer or putting the artwork in the hot sun.  This will only encourage the mask to bond with the paper.  With all this wait time, it was prudent to begin a second painting.  As I paint, I go into my right brain losing a sense of time and sequence.  Sometimes I forgot what stage I was at when I returned to the dried painting….do I mask or do I paint?

“Wise” is close to being finished.  You can see the magic of the poured color interaction on the wet paper surface.  Tridad palette of cobalt blue, rose madder permanent, and raw sienna.   This triad creates beautiful neutrals because the yellow, raw sienna is already a neutralized yellow.

"WISE" second pour
“WISE” second pour
"WISE" last pour
“WISE” last pour

The next step, taking off the mask is like unwrapping a Christmas present.  Then the problem solving comes, determining the steps to resolve the painting.  This is when I use my paint brush, going directly into the painting to resolve all the design and painting details.





The second painting captures the swish of tails on a summer afternoon.  No title yet.  After initial masking, I did a modified pour on the foreground and a splatter “wash” on the sky.  Pure color triad: cobalt blue, rose madder permanent, aureolin

first pour, untitled
first pour, untitled


Stay tuned.

Author: Cheri Isgreen

I have been a lifelong rider and horse lover. I got my first "horse" at a yard sale; it was a pony actually. It was sometime in the early 60's. I was in 3rd or 4th grade. The pony was perhaps $10. My sister, brother, and I pooled our money and led him home. At the time my parents were traveling, and my Uncle Bill promptly made us return it. (stay tuned...more to come...)

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