Sketch Journal Workshop Series

Do you enjoy journaling?  Do you think visually?  Would you like to improve your skills to express yourself creatively in the language of art?  Join us on the second Saturday of the month, (see dates below),  at Backstreet Bagels for sketch journaling workshops.  This series of classes will improve skills of observation and expression using a variety of art media for recording daily life experiences, travel experiences, and experiences in the wild.  With each class addressing separate skills, classes need not be taken sequentially, in a strict order.  Choose, (like a menu), the classes you wish to take.   Each class will conclude with suggested exercises to hone your skills and keep you motivated.

"Contours of My Morning" copyright C Isgreen, pen on paper, 6" x 6"
“Contours of My Morning” copyright C Isgreen, pen on paper, 6″ x 6″

SESSION ONE:  “Capturing the Big Picture” With a focus on developing good observation skills for recording and expressing your ideas, you will learn about using contour lines to express your big idea, then how to pull your drawing together by suggesting details. (In this session, we will address the following Elements of Art- line, shape, space)

  • WHEN                                     April 9,  2:30 – 3:30 PM
  • WHERE                                   Backstreet Bagels, 127 North Townsend Avenue, Montrose
  • COST                                       $25
  • WHAT TO BRING                sketchbook, pencils, kneaded eraser, fine tip marker
  • OPTIONAL TO BRING        watercolors and brushes



Future  sketch classes:

  • April 9  “The Big Picture”
  • June 11  “Looking Close”
  • Aug 13  “How Many Ways”
  • Sept 10  “The Language of Flowers”
  • Oct 8  TBD
  • Nov 12  TBD
  • Dec 10  TBD

(20% discount if taking 3 classes)

Author: Cheri Isgreen

I have been a lifelong rider and horse lover. I got my first "horse" at a yard sale; it was a pony actually. It was sometime in the early 60's. I was in 3rd or 4th grade. The pony was perhaps $10. My sister, brother, and I pooled our money and led him home. At the time my parents were traveling, and my Uncle Bill promptly made us return it. (stay tuned...more to come...)

8 thoughts on “Sketch Journal Workshop Series”

  1. You know I’m interested, but I will be in Denver for the April class. I should be able to do June! Berni 

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  2. Cheri, I just reread and saw that yours is at 2:30. ( my blurred and sweeping perception you know) so sign me up, I will be there! Zoe

  3. Cheri, I am really excited you are doing this and I want to come but April 9 is Free the Honey at Lark and Sparrow (Kurt knows them from Gunnison) and we already have tickets. Also, May 14 is a LOCAL WOMAN’S SONGWRITERS performance there too. I know we were hoping many of our friends would attend (who are probably on your list too) . So, I want to attend your classes but the 2nd Saturday isn’t looking too good for the next couple of months. Fondly, Zoe

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