New Dream Horse Series

Dream Horses………………………..

the confluence of my dreams, experiences, and passions arise to my stream of consciousness from time to time.  Showing my Dream Horse watercolor paintings at the Equine Art in the Park, Denver and the Montrose Center for the Arts Pop-Up Show have brought new energy to this creative direction.

In their new incarnation, the Dream Horses are mixed media, not quite bas-relief, but definitely semi-sculptural.

dreamhorse large
Size large: roughly 24″ x 20″  $125              Each piece is created individually, so size varies slightly.  Pictured above: pink horse: hand-dyed, handwoven cotton, handwoven patches of pieced cotton, silk, & novelty fibers in violet range; violet copper wires; fresh water pearls, crystals, handblown glass, & millefiori beads; metallic & cotton fibers in mane & tail.  Violet horse: handwoven cotton, silk, & novelty fibers; violet & aqua copper wire; handblown glass, crystal, natural stone, and rose quartz beads; silk, metallic, rayon, and cotton fibers in mane & tail.

I start with my handwoven fabric, shaping with colorful wire, sewing, and pressing.  Legs are created with rare and precious beads.  Manes and tails are formed with natural fibers, novelty yarns, and sizing.  The horses are then finished with more wire and beads.

The mixed media Dream Horses come in three sizes: large (above); medium & small (see below.)  Fill out the information on the purchase link to receive photographs and details  of available sizes, materials, and colors.  Custom horses can be created with your horse’s hair and/or your sentimental jewels, fabrics, etc.

To order please visit purchase link.  All details will be handled securely through email.


dreamhorse medium
Medium size mixed media Dream Horse: approximately 12″ x 16″  $65                                                  hand-dyed, handwoven cotton fabric; copper wires; crystals, handblown glass, millefiori, & glass pony beads; metallic & silk fibers in mane & tail.
dreamhorse small
Small size mixed media Dream Horse: approximately 7″ x 10″  $45                                                  handwoven silk, metallic, cotton fabric; copper wires; vintage tube beads; metallic & silk fibers in mane & tail.

To read more about my Dream Horse inspirations, click Dream Horse Link


High Point Opens Friday, August 21st at the Commonwheel


HIGH POINT, the horses, wildlife, and landscapes of Colorado opens next Friday, at Commonwheel in Manitou Springs, during the 3rd Friday Art Walk.  High Point features the artwork of Cheri Isgreen and Barb Haynie.  Cheri will unveil new watercolors, including several Colorado landscapes.  She will also debut her new Dream Horse sculptures.  Inspired by her watercolor Dream Horses that she exhibited at her opening in Ridgway earlier this year and her ceramic fish currently showing at the Blue Pig Gallery in Palisade, Cheri’s Dream Horse sculptures portray a sense of timeless fascination our human psyche has felt for horses over the centuries.  The sculptures reference ancient art within the context of contemporary art. Drawing on her experience creating ceramic fish, Cheri continues to use clay, metallic finishes, and geometry texture.  She has pushed the horse sculptures farther through integrating tree branches and copper wire into each form.  Along with her watercolor paintings and sculpture, Cheri will also offer a variety of cards and monoprints.

“High Point 2015”

Barb will show several new acrylic paintings of both horses and Colorado wildlife.  Inspired by the wildlife around her Ft Collins home and her exploration of Colorado’s wild places, Barb has created new found object sculptures.  Barb’s sculptures are welded from old pieces of machinery and other metallic flotsam from eras gone by.  Her creative playfulness shines through these whimsical sculptures.  You will want to take one home for your garden. commonwheel

The Manitou Springs Art Walk is a lively event, with a dozen art galleries and several art organizations participating. The galleries feature food, beverages, entertainment, and cutting edge artwork. The 3rd Friday Art Walk in Manitou Springs heats up as the weather begins to warm, running from March through November from 5-9 p.m. . Come down to historic, downtown Manitou Springs where art and history meet.

Demo #2

Besides the landscape demo, I created a surreal composition of Lipizzan horses frolicking in the moonlight.  This painting employs a number of unusual characteristics, resulting in a modern painting, though rendered in traditional representational imagery of the 3 foot phases of the canter: (hind leg strike off, diagonal pair on the ground, and foreleg lead pushing into the suspension phase.  The suspension phase was not included, as it would have made this composition crowded.)

First, the moon was pushed forward to become the fourth character in the painting.  Second, I changed the color scheme to warm, though night paintings are usually portrayed  in cool colors.  Finally, I changed the format from the traditional horizontal format depicting a group of running horses to a vertical.  The hard edges resulting from the poured technique, combined with the vertical format gives this painting the flavor of an Oriental woodblock print.

"Frolic in the Moonlight" copyright C Isgreen 2015
“Frolic in the Moonlight” copyright C Isgreen 2015

Below one can see the results of the final pour with the mask being removed to reveal the painting underneath, as alluded to in the previous post:  Poured Watercolor Workshop at Western Colorado Center for the Arts,

final pour dry; removing mask
final pour dry; removing mask


Reprinted from an article in the Ouray County Plaindealer, Jan 1-7

Two artists with different styles at different times in their lives will display their artwork together during the Legacy exhibit at Ridgway Public Library starting Jan 10. (through March 13.)

What artists Cheri Isgreen and Sabrena Soong share is a deep passion for art.

The duo met in an Oak Grove School first grade classroom in Montrose in 1987.

Isgreen was a student teacher and Soong was a budding first grade artist.”I noticed (Soong) had an unusual talent even as a six-year old,” Isgreen said.

“Even when I was really little, I wanted to be an artist,” recalled Soong.  “She took me under her wing.”  Soong said Isgreen took her on field trips to art galleries, but her encouragement that art was a worthwhile pursuit was the most important part of their relationship.

The two artists stayed in contact through the years, despite Soong moving out of state.

Isgreen, who taught art in Montrose schools for over two decades before retiring to focus on her watercolors, said she feels art is a means to “express humanity and connect us.”  Isgreen said many of her works highlight the power, grace, and beauty of the horse; an animal she noted which has been painted throughout history, from the cave paintings in France to petroglyphs in southwest Colorado.

Dream Horse #2 "Walk Like an Egyptian"  14"x10"  $350
Dream Horse #2 “Walk Like an Egyptian” 14″x10″ $350

Soong now owns a combination coffee shop and art gallery in Colorado Springs.  Working with acrylics on canvas and wood, Soong’s abstract art is layered and defies simple description.

copyright Sabrena Soong
copyright Sabrena Soong

“This show is sort of a retrospective of both our works,” said Soong.  Both artists will be present for the opening reception at the library on Jan 10 from 4 pm to 7 pm.  Refreshments will be offered.  The show will be on display until March 13.

Dream Horse #4, “Carousel” part 2

When the mask dried, I was able to do the final overglaze in manganese blue.  Manganese blue is a beautiful color, but tricky because it is an opaque pigment.  Overglazing in the wrong area will either make mud or kill a lively, transparent surface.  In overgrazing this painting, I only painted over the warm, light value areas.  As you can see, the overglaze was influenced by the hue underneath.  Conversely, in the dark areas, the paint would have just sat on the surface, killing the paint quality underneath.  I had to paint very carefully around the dark shapes.

When all was dry, it was safe to remove the mask and discover the final result.  I was very pleased with the strong movement in the pattern, the luminosity of the paint quality, the integration of the dark, hard-line geometric shapes with the organic flow of the masked pattern, and the overall composition.

"Dream Horse #4, Carousel"  copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
“Dream Horse #4, Carousel” copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015

See all the Dream Horses at my new show, “Legacy,” showing Jan 10 through March 13 at the Ridgway Public Library, Ridgway, CO.  Ridgway is part of Colorado’s Creative Arts Districts.  Opening Reception is Saturday, Jan 10 from 4-7 pm.  Refreshments will be served.

Dream Horse #2

“Walk Like an Egyptian”

At my opening Friday evening, I was discussing with a patron the effect of teaching art in public schools for 25 years.  As an art teacher, I taught 7 different classes each day, running the gamut of different artists, art movements, cultures, and history in a huge variety of media.  This experience has affected my personal thinking while I make art.  Subconsciously and intuitively, I draw from the rich cultural heritage of human experience, while reinterpreting old ideas into my own artistic style.

Dream Horse #2 "Walk Like an Egyptian"  14"x10"  $350
Dream Horse #2 “Walk Like an Egyptian” 14″x10″ $350


After this painting was completed, the song, “Walk Like an Egyptian” leaped into my mind.  Often times, a soundtrack begins to play as I contemplate the resolution for a painting. Then a snatch of lyrics suggests the title.

As discussed in the last post, the figure is elongated, with an emphasis on geometry, pattern, and an extravagant hairstyle.  This painting called for a simple and light-value background to showcase the figure.  Random dark brushstrokes over a lighter ground of earth toned strokes solidly grounds the horse.  The splatter wash in the deeper background lends atmosphere.