“Three Passions: Horses, Flowers, Travel” Preview of New Works by Cheri Isgreen

“Upsy Daisy” framed watercolor 19″ x 10″ $200 copyright C Isgreen




One of my biggest interests in painting is exploring the


effects of light.


This is especially effective in the medium of watercolor.






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“Three Passions: Horses, Flowers, Travel” Preview of New Works by Cheri Isgreen

"sky lights".jpg
“Sky Lights”  framed watercolor, 10″ x 19″  $200                               copyright C Isgreen 2016



One of my biggest interests in painting is exploring the effects of light.  This is especially effective in the medium of watercolor.

For more information about this show, visit the following link:


“Three Passions: Horses, Flowers, Travel” Preview of New Works by Cheri Isgreen



img008 copy
“Painted Daisies” framed watercolor 12″ x 15″ $200 copyright C Isgreen

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Solo Show Slated for September 2016 at the Blue Pig Gallery, Palisade, CO

“Three Passions: Horses, Flowers, Travel” is the theme of my upcoming exhibition at the Blue Pig Gallery, opening Sept 1st.  My passions include horses, flowers, and travel.  I am struck by  the beauty I find while pursuing those passions.

This summer I have immersed myself with learning and training the principles and movements for 2nd level dressage.  Monarch, my Lipizzan partner; Deb Hindi, my trainer; and I have worked very hard all summer, culminating in two United States Equestrian Federation recognized shows and one qualifying score toward my United States Dressage Federation Bronze Rider Medal.

“Along the Tuscan Trail” is one of my new equine artworks.  It depicts a “dream vacation,” exploring Italy by horseback.  It is a sun-drenched composition, much like western Colorado, where the strong sunlight intensifies colors up close and washes out all the color  in the distance.

%22Along the Tuscan Trail%22
“Along the Tuscan Trail” framed watercolor 27″ x 20″  $500  copyright C Isgreen

My husband and I threw a big celebratory garden party for our daughter’s college graduation.  The spring was filled with gardening, landscaping, and planning.  Amidst all the planting, weeding, fertilizing, and watering, I became fascinated with the unique shapes and sometimes delicate/sometimes striking color schemes of all the flowers blooming in my gardens.  I began working in a new loose style to capture the endless variety of shapes, forms, color schemes, movements, textures, etc.

“Bouquet” framed watercolor, 19″ x 10″  $200  & “Daisy Meadow” framed watercolor,      15″ x 12″ all artwork copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2016

Travel has been my third artistic inspiration.  Since buying a pop-up camper about a year ago, my husband and I have taken many art trips, including three trips to Utah, several trips in the Colorado mountains, and three weeks in the Texas hill country and mission trail.  In my show, I will feature sketches and paintings from these trips.

Goliad, TX town square; Mission San Jose outside San Antonio, TX; along the Crystal River, Redstone, CO; Peach Valley, Montrose County, CO  A selection of these images will be offered as 5″ x 7″ framed prints: $25.  All images copyright, Cheri Isgreen

The Blue Pig Gallery

Located in downtown Palisade, Colorado,  the Blue Pig Gallery displays an exciting and eclectic range of art including paintings, sculpture, photography, glass, fiber, gifts, and more.  Open Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 5:30 pm and Sunday – 10 am – 5:00 pm

101 W. 3rd Street, Palisade, CO 81526

(970) 464-4819

Sneak Peak at New Artwork for New Gallery at Backstreet

Scott is working hard remodeling the bagel shop, including a new gallery space!  Please excuse the mess during the construction phase.  The artwork has been de-installed until the new gallery is completed.  In September artwork will be rehung, with an opening party to celebrate new work in the new space slated for later this fall.  Please stay tuned for more details……………


Sketch Journal Workshop Series

Do you enjoy journaling?  Do you think visually?  Would you like to improve your skills to express yourself creatively in the language of art?  Join us on the second Saturday of the month, (see dates below),  at Backstreet Bagels for sketch journaling workshops.  This series of classes will improve skills of observation and expression using a variety of art media for recording daily life experiences, travel experiences, and experiences in the wild.  With each class addressing separate skills, classes need not be taken sequentially, in a strict order.  Choose, (like a menu), the classes you wish to take.   Each class will conclude with suggested exercises to hone your skills and keep you motivated.

"Contours of My Morning" copyright C Isgreen, pen on paper, 6" x 6"
“Contours of My Morning” copyright C Isgreen, pen on paper, 6″ x 6″

SESSION ONE:  “Capturing the Big Picture” With a focus on developing good observation skills for recording and expressing your ideas, you will learn about using contour lines to express your big idea, then how to pull your drawing together by suggesting details. (In this session, we will address the following Elements of Art- line, shape, space)

  • WHEN                                     April 9,  2:30 – 3:30 PM
  • WHERE                                   Backstreet Bagels, 127 North Townsend Avenue, Montrose
  • COST                                       $25
  • WHAT TO BRING                sketchbook, pencils, kneaded eraser, fine tip marker
  • OPTIONAL TO BRING        watercolors and brushes



Future  sketch classes:

  • April 9  “The Big Picture”
  • June 11  “Looking Close”
  • Aug 13  “How Many Ways”
  • Sept 10  “The Language of Flowers”
  • Oct 8  TBD
  • Nov 12  TBD
  • Dec 10  TBD

(20% discount if taking 3 classes)

“Art in the Park” Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Juried Show

Artist Reception, Art Show, Sale and Silent Auction
Saturday, March 12, 2016 from 4:30 – 6:30 PM
Art in the Park area of Hall of Education Building

Over 45 sophisticated and talented artists who blend their passion for horses with their creative intuition highlight this one-of-find art exhibit. The artists selected to exhibit their works at the “Art in the Park” gallery in the Hall of Education Building at this year’s Expo will display paintings, equine-related photography, stained glass, bronze sculptures and various mixed-media all celebrating the horse from their own perspective and artistic interpretation. Come meet the artists at the reception starting at 4:30pm. All artwork displayed is available for purchase. Click here to view the works on the BlackTie Colorado website. You will also have the opportunity to bid on additional artwork donated by the artists specifically for the silent auction.

Conversano Mima White Horse Vale Ranch, Goldendale, WA Lipizzan Stallion

I will show three pieces:

“For a Good Time, Call Ed” watercolor, juried

“Conversano Mima” watercolor, juried

“A Pause in the Day’s Occupation”  small monoprint, auction


A Veritable Smorgasbord: Opening Friday, 2/5/16

Art Center Members Exhibition
Feb. 5-27, 2016
Sponsored by Chuck & Kendra McDaniel and Ron Beckman

member-show-photoFebruary First Friday
6:30 p.m.: First Friday intros
7 – 9 p.m.: Opening Reception
Cash wine bar. Beer generously provided by Odell Brewing.
Free hors d’oeuvres provided by The Art Center Guild.
Music by Rosewood & Ivory.
Free and open to the public.

press release from the WCCA:

February means the Art Center’s annual Members Exhibition. With over 300 works it has the claim to fame of being our largest exhibition, but it also reflects the geographic and technical diversity of our membership. Medium ranges from collage to clay, and exhibiting members come from all over the Western Slope and beyond.

Four years ago the Art Center incorporated People’s Choice Awards into the Members Exhibition. Votes are collected and cash prizes are awarded to first, second, and third place winners. This democratic process raises the stakes for both attendees and featured artists by prompting our viewers to evaluate their aesthetic preferences. Most of us know exactly what we like and dislike but do not know or think about why. Our predilections, especially when it comes to art—that most subjective of subjects—can teach us a great deal about our personality.

The People’s Choice Awards also encourage viewers take a closer look at artworks than they normally would. Anyone who has taken the time knows that the longer you look at a work of art, the more it will communicate. The conversation between a viewer and a work of art is never over, but usually we don’t allow enough time for it to even begin. For the artists (and WCCA members) themselves, seeing their work in an exhibition setting tends to give them a whole new take on their artistic approach. Observing how viewers interact with a piece is one way artists gauge how effectively their work conveys their intention and, subsequently, if that is something that even matters to them.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another exhibition that showcases beginners alongside experts, painters alongside photographers. Our members are distinct in their method of artistic expression but united under their support for the Western Colorado Center for the Arts.

Awards Announcement: Saturday, Feb. 20 at noon
Award Sponsors:
Best of Show $350 – Frame Depot
First Place $250 – Colorado Canyons Gallery, Framing & Gifts
Second Place $150 – George and Gayle Gerson
Third Place $100 gift certificate – Blue Pig Gallery

I will show two works of art.  “Wine Pearing,” a graphic-designed watercolor composition depicting the agricultural life on the western slope of Colorado, and “Autumn Glow.”   “Autumn Glow” is executed in the poured watercolor style that I recently demonstrated at the arts center for the Brush and Palette Club.  It celebrated the beauty of Colorado mountains.

“Wine Pearing” watercolor, 11″x15″ $350; copyright Cheri Isgreen


“Autumn Glow” 15″ x11″ watercolor; copyright C Isgreen 2015


Poured Watercolor Demo

%22Riding for Rain*%22
“Riding for Rain” poured watercolor, sold/private collection; copyright Cheri Isgreen

Why Pour?

Painting wet-into-wet is so much quicker and uses far less paint.  Why would I bother to mask and pour?

  • Because the amount of paint applied to the surface of the paper is so saturated, (even when making early light value layers), spontaneous color mixtures combine in unique ways that can’t be achieved any other way.
  • Layers can be built undisturbed by any brushwork, resulting in luminous, clean colors with neutral mixtures occurring without muddy passages.
  • Though it appears that masking would restrict the element of spontaneity, pouring allows the artist to exploit the unexpected by controlling how the pour will run.  This is particularly effective in areas with large passages of color where there is potential for  a great variety of subtle variation in color, value, and texture.
  • Pouring allows the artist to emphasize shapes and negative space, as well as to imply meaning through the use of lost and found edges.
%22Out of the Shadows%22
“Out of the Shadows” poured watercolor, sold/private collection; copyright Cheri Isgreen

 Critical concerns to Ensure a Successful Painting

  • The artist needs to make studies before painting.   For each mask layer to be successful, a careful drawing must be executed with accurate shapes and values .  Additionally, the artist needs to consider all the elements, (line, color, texture, form,  and space, as well as shape and value), to insure a balanced composition.  Though pouring is primarily a studio technique and not suitable for pleine aire painting, poured watercolor develops technical skills, habits of mind, and the awareness of compositional elements that are critical in the field when an artist must work quickly to capture the light.
  • When developing compositional studies, develop your ideas into connected shapes with three or more values.
  • Edges matter- draw and mask shapes very carefully, so the painting will read when the mask is removed.  Buy the best brushes you can afford for masking, (you will need a variety), and take good care of them, so the mask doesn’t destroy them.  Mask brushes and water containers must be dedicated for masking only.
  • Exploit lost & found edges, negative space, and counter-change when developing compositional studies.
  • Avoid details until the end, when the mask is off.
  • When the mask is off, find areas where the edges must be softened.
%22pause in the day's occupation%22 *G
“Pause in the Day’s Occupation” 21″x28″ sold/private collection; sold/private collection

To schedule a workshop for your organization or find out where the next workshop will be held, comment below.

Tomorrow: steps for completing the demo painting begun at the Brush and Palette Club demo



In collaboration with Scott and Debbie Cassidy, I am pleased to announce the installation of my artwork at Backstreet Bagels Co.  Paintings in a variety of subjects, including my signature watercolor horses, adorn the walls.

"Hot Shoe" copyright C Isgreen 2015 $500
“For a Good Time Call Ed” award winning watercolor painting $500 copyright Cheri Isgreen

Also hanging are note cards and a small collection of mixed media prototype collages, designed from my original paintings.  The artwork is specially priced for this debut showing.  Take an additional 20% off the purchase of all artwork through the end of this month, by presenting the completed certificate.

j[g.backstreet certificate


Backstreet Bagels Co is locally owned and run by Scott and Debbie Cassidy.  Backstreet is a deli and coffee house serving their signature bagels made fresh daily.  Backstreet offers  a varied breakfast and lunch menu served all day, a full barista bar, baked specialties including my personal favorite- Scottie’s biscotti, friendly service, a cozy atmosphere, and a summer patio garden.  Located at 127 N Townsend, in Montrose, CO, Backstreet is open seven days per week: 6:00 AM – 2:30 PM weekdays & 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM weekends.

Coming in 2016, I will be offering classes and workshops, including a Lunch & Learn series focused on sketch journaling, urban sketching, and pleine aire painting.  Please comment at the end of this post if you are interested in joining the art workshops.

"Contours of my Morning"  copyright C Isgreen, pen on paper, 6" x 6"
“Contours of my Morning” copyright C Isgreen, pen on paper, 6″ x 6″