“Art in the Park” Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Juried Show

Artist Reception, Art Show, Sale and Silent Auction
Saturday, March 12, 2016 from 4:30 – 6:30 PM
Art in the Park area of Hall of Education Building

Over 45 sophisticated and talented artists who blend their passion for horses with their creative intuition highlight this one-of-find art exhibit. The artists selected to exhibit their works at the “Art in the Park” gallery in the Hall of Education Building at this year’s Expo will display paintings, equine-related photography, stained glass, bronze sculptures and various mixed-media all celebrating the horse from their own perspective and artistic interpretation. Come meet the artists at the reception starting at 4:30pm. All artwork displayed is available for purchase. Click here to view the works on the BlackTie Colorado website. You will also have the opportunity to bid on additional artwork donated by the artists specifically for the silent auction.

Conversano Mima White Horse Vale Ranch, Goldendale, WA Lipizzan Stallion

I will show three pieces:

“For a Good Time, Call Ed” watercolor, juried

“Conversano Mima” watercolor, juried

“A Pause in the Day’s Occupation”  small monoprint, auction



Thank you to all visitors and followers.  2014, the Year of the Horse, has been very good for me professionally.  I showed at 11 venues with Barb Haynie for our show “High Point;” showed with Missy Rogers in a 2-woman show, “Home for the Holidays;”  had a 1-woman show at Temple Farm, “Lipizzan Legacy,”  participated in 2 art exhibitions- one an invitational and one a competition, in which my painting “Riding for Rain” was awarded Honorable Mention.  I was invited to join two galleries, the Blue Pig Gallery in Palisade, CO and A&Y Design Gallery in Montrose, CO.  I also received bookings for 3 upcoming shows in 2015 and an invitation to participate in “Horse Utopia, the Art of the Horse in Florence, Italy.”  (http://www.porcellinogallery.com/index_en.php#!/horse_utopia)!

With “High Point” and “Lipizzan Legacy,”  I was able to raise more than $2000 for nonprofits and charities.  Best of all, I met many people, found new collectors for my artwork, reconnected with old friends while making many new friends.

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Cheri Isgreen Fine Art was launched in May 2014.  Learn more about how well it has done by clicking the link below,  (WordPress 2014 annual report for Cheri Isgreen Fine Art.)  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

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New show scheduled for Jan 10 – March 13, 2015 in Ridgway Colorado; “Legacy” celebrates the traditions of art from teaching techniques to the connections art builds in ideas and relationships.  I will show with Sabrena Soong, former student, current entrepreneur & artist.  See https://cheriisgreenfineart.wordpress.com/2014/12/18/legacy-jan-10-2015/

"Red Canyon" copyright C Isgreen
“Red Canyon” copyright C Isgreen

HIGH POINT Opens Tonight at the Creamery Arts Center



  • Original watercolors , monoprints, and greeting cards by Cheri Isgreen
  • Original acrylic paintings by Barb Haynie
  • Found objects sculpture by Cheri Isgreen & Barb Haynie
  • SILENT AUCTION: framed original watercolor collage by Cheri Isgreen to benefit SPIRITWIND HORSE RESCUE
  • horse-approved, barn themed appetizers for horses & their humans
  • Year of the Horse Chinese appetizers
  • fresh garden veggies and dip
  • register for a door prize each time you visit the show, runs through Nov. 10th

High Point opens at the Creamery Arts Center in Hotchkiss 10/10/14

from a CAC press release:

“High Point”: The Art of Showing Horses at the Creamery Arts Center

best birthday present ever - barbara haynie

To celebrate the year of the Horse, Barbara Haynie and Cheri Isgreen will be presenting a 2-person equine art exhibition at the Creamery Arts Center in Hotchkiss. The show connects their two passions: horses and visual art. The opening reception will be held on Friday, October 10th from 6 to 8pm. This exhibit will be on display through November 10th.

Isgreen and Haynie state: “The show references where and how we live: the rural, high country of Colorado. We entitled the show “High Point” because we wanted a strong connection between the idea of an art show and the idea of a horse show: High Point- the horse with the highest average placing in one year of competition, High Point- a high altitude place with a beautiful view, such as found in Colorado, High Point- the best part of an experience. As horsewomen, the high point of our days is when the connection between the horse and rider is both elegant and sublime. High Point- an art show for art lovers, horse lovers, equestrians, and artists”

Barbara Haynie: “Horses are huge in my life, inexorably woven into my psyche, practically part of my DNA. The older I grow, the deeper are my feelings about them. Art is huge for me too. Put the two together and through some form of magic, the whole becomes larger than the parts. While working for my fine arts degree, I refused to paint horses. At the time I thought it was too convenient a subject and perhaps too conservative for the avant-garde art world. But eventually I reached a point where horses HAD to be in my art. I push the envelope with hog-wild color, giving my paintings a twist between pop art and Fauve”.

c isgreenCheri Isgreen: “I am fascinated by the relationship between light and shadow on natural forms. Compositions for watercolor paintings develop as I respond to the interplay of light and dark shapes with initial value studies. As I paint, I seek fresh, unexpected color mixtures through poured techniques and spontaneous wet-into-wet brushwork. I strive for a sense of mystery and narrative in each painting. A lifelong horsewoman, I study dressage and teach Equitherapy. Monarch, my wise and sensitive partner in this healing work, is a Lipizzan X Andulusian gelding and frequently appears as a subject of my paintings”.

This is a must see show for all horse lovers in the area. A silent auction for a painting donated by Cheri will benefit Spirit Wind Horse Rescue.  Please join us for an evening of hors d’ oeuvres, local wines, microbrews and meet Cheri, a dedicated and passionate rider/artist, and Beth, founder of Spirit Wind Rescue.   It’s sure to be a “High Point” in your week! The Creamery Arts Center is located at 165 W. Bridge Street, Hotchkiss.  http://creameryartscenter.org/special-shows/now-showing


     Living is a constant source of interesting connections, if we are open & aware to how life is interconnected.  Sometimes painting gives us interesting connections too.  Several years ago, the Spanish Riding School performed on a US tour to honor the veterans who participated in the rescue of the Lipizzans from Czechoslovakia during World War II.  My daughter and I met my dad in Houston to see an SRS performance.  While in Houston, my dad related his part in the Lipizzan rescue of WW2.
     Since all the breeding mares of the Spanish Riding School were in Czechoslovakia and all the stallions were in Austria, it seemed the breed was doomed.  The Russian army was advancing upon Hostau, Czech, toward the large stud where the 300 Lipizzan mares, along with other prize horses from Europe’s breeding elite were stabled, with the intention of using the livestock for food rations.   My father’s role, as part of the fighting force of the 94th Infantry Division, was to facilitate the surrender of the German troops and clear the way into Czechoslovakia for the US 2nd Cavalry to dash into Hostau to rescue the Lipizzan mares, as well as American POWs and the other horses.
"Rescue, 1945" copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2014
“Rescue, 1945” copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2014
     “Rescue, my final painting for the show, LIPIZZAN LEGACY, portrays the WW2 rescue from the Lipizzaner’s perspective.  It’s fairly romanticized.  Generally, my work is rather narrative in an abstract way.   I like to leave a strong element of mystery, so anyone can fill in the details to make it her own story.  This piece has so much personal meaning, that I think I’ve put more into it than I usually do.  Lipizzan lovers can relate to this story on a personal level, because of the direct line to their own horses.
     With the show, LIPIZZAN LEGACY, I am doing my small part for the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation  in the US.  25% of all sales go directly to the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation.  http://www.uslipizzan.org
I have also donated a watercolor sketch, with 100% of the proceeds earmarked for the USLF.
     **The Spanish Riding School performed at the dedication of the 94th Division dedication of the Peace Monument near Sinz Germany  Oct 16th, 1994 in honor of the 94th’s role in saving the Lipizzaners.


It’s the last week before I pack up and head out to Illinois for the US Lipizzan Symposium and my art shown Lipizzan Legacy.   I have painted the last 3 works for the show.

“Legacy” portrays the beauty, nobility, and talent of the Lipizzan breed.  With fire in his eye and an arch in his neck, this horse is ready to burst forth into the animated grace of the Lipizzaner.

Legacy, copyright Cheri Isgreen
Legacy, copyright Cheri Isgreen





new works in watercolor by Cheri Isgreen

celebrating the grace, beauty, and nobility of the Lipizzan

Showing at Tempel Farm

October 3-5


sales to benefit the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation