Raven Series

Raven.1The gliding  shape of a raven evokes a sense of freedom and grace.  Known for their wily intelligence, ravens are attributed with prophecy.  Today in these times of quarantine and isolation, it seems prophetic that I focused on the raven’s essence of freedom and possibility as I began my Raven Series in early winter.  These images in pastel and watercolor arouse sensations of liberty and optimism through flight.  Art gives me the language to communicate my aspirations and dreams.  Through art I can soar high above this uncertain world.  (Pictured left: “Soar”     Pictured above:  “Winging It”   Both images–framed watercolors, 15″ x 12″  $175; image size 10″ x 7″



Like ravens- I, too, have an affinity for shine and glitz.  I pushed my final piece with mixed media, adding shiny gold acrylic and gel ink. Pictured right:  “Glide”   mixed water-media , framed 15″ x 12″  $175; image size 10″ x 7″


Framed Pastel Ravens:  20″ x 16″ (image size 14″ x 10″)  $350

Because of the size, these paintings cannot be shipped framed in glass.  They are shipped with mat and foam core backing in archival clear bags ready for your 16″ x 20″ frame.  Price includes shipping. Please complete this form to reserve your painting. Then pay using your PayPal account, or you can use your credit card by hitting the card icon below. All major credit cards accepted.  A receipt will be sent to your email.


Nature Creates Art

I just completed a new work, inspired by the flight of starlings.  For years I have watched in awe as a flock of birds take flight to dramatically form a series of changing patterns in the sky.  In perfect synchronicity, the flock swoops, changes direction, and the pattern seamlessly morphs into a new shape.  The shapes are liquid in the sky, as they blend from one organic shape to the next.  Inspired, I wondered how to capture this on paper with paint?

This spring, I took a 1/2 sheet of watercolor paper and poured a sky that blended from blue to golden as it touched the desert horizon.  Big sky in Nevada.  By pouring paint in a series of glazes,  underlying layers are preserved while developing a depth of color and enhanced luminosity.  This beautiful background needed a center of focus- the birds I have been forever dreaming about!

How to start?  How to capture the dynamic fluidity of this aviary phenomenon?  Each night I dreamed how I would approach the painting.  Each morning I awoke and found I couldn’t attempt it.  I didn’t know how to begin; I couldn’t feel “the flow. ”  Finally I settled on my pigments- Windor blue shade, alizarin crimson permanent, and burnt sienna. I  made a small practice painting.

flight study.jpg
“Flight Before the Storm”

Encouraged with the results of that bird study and before I could “chicken out,” I jumped into the large painting.  I knew the painting would either end as an unmitigated disaster, or it would become a delightful surprise.  Each time I reloaded the brush, I added a different pigment to my palette mixture from my base colors to influence the tone.  The dynamic shape of the flock subtly changed in hue as it grew on my paper.   I continued to add defined bird shapes to the edges and loose bird groupings in the center, striving for a strong abstract shape and interesting movement throughout the painting.  The painting succeeds in capturing the dynamic movement of a flock of birds in the dance of flight.

Flight Behavior.jpg

Nature inspires wildlife to create beautiful creations of their own.  Enjoy this video showing a pufferfish creating a beautiful mandala to attract a mate.  Pufferfish 


Left to right, clockwise:  Millipede, exhibiting its main defense mechanism, curling into a spectacular spiral, which protects its legs inside its body.  A celestial spiral, the Aurora Borealis, in the skies above Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.  Finally, a collection of diatoms, microscopic algae.  These images were found on National Geographic.  Enjoy more here: National Geographic link

The Ah Haa School of the Arts in Telluride is still accepting registrations for my watercolor class.  To register, click the following link: Cheri Isgreen Watercolor Workshop