Mexico Travel Journal Winter 2017 p13

In Guanajuato, we stayed at El Mesón de los Poetas, a restored 18th-century house  located in Centro Old Town.  This rambling inn features an ancient banyan tree growing in the central courtyard and stretching through the inn’s four stories.  Each room commemorates one of Mexico’s beloved poets.  We were given room 402, the Antonio Machado room.  Located on the inn’s top floor, one window overlooked the banyan tree, and the other window overlooked the city, (see Mexico sketch journal p9)


Machado wrote a series of travel poems that he titled, “Cantares.”  The “singings” are poems about travel.  The hotel staff couldn’t have picked a more apropos room for us, as we too went “…traveling, singing, into the road’s far distance…”