High Point Opens Friday, August 21st at the Commonwheel


HIGH POINT, the horses, wildlife, and landscapes of Colorado opens next Friday, at Commonwheel in Manitou Springs, during the 3rd Friday Art Walk.  High Point features the artwork of Cheri Isgreen and Barb Haynie.  Cheri will unveil new watercolors, including several Colorado landscapes.  She will also debut her new Dream Horse sculptures.  Inspired by her watercolor Dream Horses that she exhibited at her opening in Ridgway earlier this year and her ceramic fish currently showing at the Blue Pig Gallery in Palisade, Cheri’s Dream Horse sculptures portray a sense of timeless fascination our human psyche has felt for horses over the centuries.  The sculptures reference ancient art within the context of contemporary art. Drawing on her experience creating ceramic fish, Cheri continues to use clay, metallic finishes, and geometry texture.  She has pushed the horse sculptures farther through integrating tree branches and copper wire into each form.  Along with her watercolor paintings and sculpture, Cheri will also offer a variety of cards and monoprints.

“High Point 2015”

Barb will show several new acrylic paintings of both horses and Colorado wildlife.  Inspired by the wildlife around her Ft Collins home and her exploration of Colorado’s wild places, Barb has created new found object sculptures.  Barb’s sculptures are welded from old pieces of machinery and other metallic flotsam from eras gone by.  Her creative playfulness shines through these whimsical sculptures.  You will want to take one home for your garden.

jpg.ad commonwheel

The Manitou Springs Art Walk is a lively event, with a dozen art galleries and several art organizations participating. The galleries feature food, beverages, entertainment, and cutting edge artwork. The 3rd Friday Art Walk in Manitou Springs heats up as the weather begins to warm, running from March through November from 5-9 p.m. . Come down to historic, downtown Manitou Springs where art and history meet.

“Hot Shoe” (part 3, final painting)

The finished painting: “Hot Shoe.”

I originally thought the title  would be, “For a Good Time, Call Ed.” This is a reference to common graffiti found on a public bathroom wall.  For equestrians, the title is a double entendre meaning “no hoof, no horse.”  Ed is a master farrier.  I rely on him to not only keep my horse sound, but to maximize my horse’s movement.  He helps me to understand the structure of the foot, how the approach he will use translates to my horse’s comfort and way of travel, and how to solve the occasional problem that arises in the pasture or in training.  A farrier can make all the difference between an enjoyable ride and a disaster.  In fact, I found Ed as a result of a disaster from a previous “hoof expert.”)

"Hot Shoe" copyright C Isgreen 2015 $600
“Hot Shoe” copyright C Isgreen 2015 $600

It is interesting the comments I received while this painting was a work in progress.  It ran the gamut from “leave the smoke out; the composition is strong without it,” all the way to the opposite end of the spectrum, “approach it as an abstract painting, make the subject the smoke.”  My vision was to include all the drama of the hot shoe touching the prepared hoof, while still retaining a realistic narrative.  That is the approach I followed.

HOME for the HOLIDAYS opens this FRIDAY, DEC. 5TH

I am back in Montrose after showing my artwork across Colorado with artist, Barb Haynie.   Home for the Holidays is my second solo show of 2014, highlighting my newest equine paintings in watercolor.  The show opens Friday, Dec. 5th at A&Y Design Gallery during the Montrose First Friday Art Walk.  The Opening Reception runs from 5:30- 8:00 PM.  A&Y Design Gallery is located at 513 Main Street, Montrose.   Home for the Holidays  runs through Dec. 31st.  For information, contact Yesenia Duncan at A&Y Gallery, (970) 240-7914

I see my artwork as an unbridled passion for the horse’s noble spirit, grace, and atheleticism.  “Unbridled” is perhaps a pun, yet the bulk of my work celebrates the horse without tack.  It does not portray a specific style of riding.

Horse Painting
“Holly” copyright
Watercolor; size 12″ X 15″

My artistic style conveys a contemporary Western aesthetic, fitting a range of decor, including Colorado casual, rustic chic, log homes,  and equine enthusiasts.  This style has evolved from the bulk of my life lived in rural, western Colorado blended with a BA in art, many years teaching art, my study of classical riding, and all the wonderful horsewomen and men I’ve known in all riding/driving disciplines who have enriched my life.

For this show with the holidays quickly approaching, I have also created gift items based on my artwork and several lines of cards, including equine-themed Christmas cards.  For equestrians and writers, I have a new line of writing journals and training journals.

“Heritage” for LIPIZZAN LEGACY

From Xenophon to Podhajsky, the cavalry has innovated and refined equestrian arts.

Heritage, copyright Cheri Isgreen 2014
Heritage, copyright Cheri Isgreen 2014

Is this a troop of soldiers riding forth into battle——-

——-or a troupe of artists riding into the spotlights?