Gunnison Arts Center Featured Artist

I have been chosen as the featured artist for the month of August at the Gunnison Arts Center.  During the month of August all framed paintings of mine are offered at 10% off- both at the Arts Center and through the website.  use this link to receive 10% off during the month of August, (simply mention this blog post.)  This is a good time to purchase that special painting you have been admiring, or commission a special work.

Gold Dust
Roadside Gold, watercolor with acrylic accents, 10″x19″  $200 Copyright C Isgreen

I will be painting live at the Arts Center during Gunnison’s First Friday August Art Walk.
Break in the Clouds (1) I will be pleased to visit with you, answer questions, and share what I am working on.  As Gunnison locals know, I am a frequent instructor at the Center, along with exhibiting my watercolors and mixed media work through the Shop at the GAC and GAC exhibitions, including the recent Colorado Watercolor Society juried “A Splash of Colorado,” and the GAC January staff/instructor show, where I showed my travel sketches and paintings.  I spent the winter in the Central Highlands of Mexico, painting the beautiful Baroque cities of Guanajuato, Dolores Hidalgo, Querétaro, and San Luis Potosí, and the charming village of Ajijí, Jalisco.

The following is an interview with Erin Jacobs, manager of the GAC Featured Artist Series:

Where are you from?

I grew up in Lake County, Ill., (which is horse heaven- similar to Ireland.)  I have lived in Western Colorado for the past 45 years, (which is a different kind of heaven.)
What is your medium of choice?

watercolor often, but mixed media with ceramic, metal, fiber, & glass comes a close second

What inspires your work?

I am fascinated by the relationship between light and shadow on natural forms. Compositions for watercolor paintings develop as I respond to the interplay of light and dark shapes.   As I paint, I seek fresh, unexpected color mixtures through poured techniques and spontaneous wet-into-wet brushwork. I strive for a sense of mystery and narrative in each painting. My three passions are horses, flowers, and travel, which often inform the subject matter of my compositions.

When did you get involved in the art world?

I have always been an artist.  My earliest memory of making art was when I was perhaps 4 years old.  My twin sister and I scratched our self portraits into the headboards of our twin beds with the plug of the bedside lamp.

What are you currently working on?                                                                                 Flamenco dancers- this series explores light on the human form.  I was so inspired by the performance I attended while in Mexico this winter.

What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?
%22Out of the Shadows%22 sold
“Out of the Shadows” poured watercolor, copyright C Isgreen; Award of Merit Around the Corner Gallery; People’s Choice Montrose Visual Arts Guild Annual Show; private collection

Professionally: I am most passionate about striving for excellence and originality in every piece I create.  With so much digital media available, I want each of my pieces to be an original work of art directly from my own hand from the highest standards of excellence.

Personally: I am most passionate about kindness and integrity in dealing with others, relating to our environment, training my horse, and making decisions.

What’s your greatest accomplishment?

Raising a caring and thoughtful daughter and maintaining a close relationship with her.

Where could one find you on a Saturday afternoon?

On the back of my horse; I ride dressage which is a lifelong journey toward excellence and lightness.

What circumstances do you find yourself producing new work?

I am forever getting creative brainstorms, so creating new work is an on-going process.

Do you offer custom commissions?

“Conversano Mima” watercolor, copyright C Isgreen

Yes, I enjoy getting to know my client and working with the client to create a special piece of artwork.  In the case of horses, I often visit the farm to meet the horse.  Then I take several photos, develop detailed drawings, and discuss how my vision will become a painting.  The painting at left was commissioned by White Horse Vale Lipizzans, Goldendale, WA.

What is your website address?  I can also be found on Facebook at and on Instagram at Cheri Isgreen Fine Art.  I invite you to follow me!


Happy New Year: 2018

Thank you to all who follow my blog.  Wishing you peace & enlightenment in the coming year.

On January 13th, my husband and I leave for two months of painting in Mexico.  We are returning to the beautiful Baroque city of Guanajuato in the central highlands of Mexico. We have been planning this trip since we visited Guanajuato last January and found 5 days to be much too short to get to know and paint the city.  This year we plan to bring a full collection of art supplies, not just our sketch kits.multi

It looks to be a busy week before we leave.  I am showing several pieces at the Gunnison Arts Center for the month of January, featuring the GAC instructors & staff.  Come down for the First Friday artwork; I will be there.

First Friday ArtWalk & Music
January 5. 5:00 – 8:00 pm.

Stroll down beautiful historic Gunnison on the First Friday’s of the month to celebrate art, artists and live music. The GAC Galleries will feature Angus Reid’s Oil Paintings in the Main Gallery. These painting will be on silent auction throughout the month starting at the ArtWalk. Head to the Upper Gallery for the annual GAC Staff and Instructor Exhibit! Live singing by Liberty Solari in the Main Gallery.

On the 11th, I will be teaching a fun, fast-paced “& Series” class for the new Meet the Masters classes.  In this class we will have fun with neon colors, altered images, and serial grid-work featuring Pop Art Master, Andy Warhol.  Enjoy a variety of Pinot wines, tastey appetizers, and create your original Pop Art inspired by Andy Warhol!

Meet the Masters
Feeling Dandy with Andy: Pop Art & Pinot
Thursday, January 11th. 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

The time has come to learn all about another master of the arts! For this Meet the Masters AND Series, Cheri will be teaching us about Andy Warhol and the influence Pop Art has had on art over the years. So come join us to enjoy some pinot and have some artistic fun! Instructor: Cheri Isgreen.
$40/person includes 2 drinks, light aps and instruction. Pre-registration is required.  
Register Here  :registration

2nd Saturday Sketch Class Returns to Backstreet

After a two month hiatus, sketch journal workshops are returning to Backstreet Bagels the second Saturday of each month from 2-4.  Classes are $25 and provide instruction and tips on technique and composition  in a supportive environment for you to explore sketching and journaling, blending text with image.

Join us this Saturday as we focus on indoor environments & decor.  Bring a sketch journal that accepts watermedia, fine line markers, watercolor kit, and a pencil.   On tap for Dec will be ideas for turning your sketch journal entries into Christmas cards.

Please use the following link to register

sketch journal registration

5/28/15 entry copyright C Isgreen

Dream Horses

I’m dreaming of long-legged horses with fantastic hair dos.  This has become a pursuit I have been investigating this past month.  The images come into my mind, and since the horses are not based on real anatomy, the research is in working out pleasing proportions for these fantasy horses.

Dream Horse #1 "Queen Bee" copyright Cheri Isgreen
Dream Horse #1 “Queen Bee” copyright Cheri Isgreen

Like long legged fashion models,  questions arose-

*Do I include joints, or do I simply suggest long legggggggggs stretching to infinity?

*If I show the joints, (knees, hocks, fetlocks),  where do I place them along the continuum?

*What is more pleasing, normal sized joints within long legs, or elongated, like the legs themselves?  If I elongate the joints, what happens if I exaggerate their sizes?  If I make substantial feet, I can express the power in the hoofbeat…  What is the effect if I make tiny hooves with the joints becoming progressively smaller as they got longer?

Plenty of decisions to make & a lot of variables to draw, explore, and think about.  In my first three compositions, I’ve decided to include the joints, as I love articulating them.  I decided not to exaggerate them, either smaller or larger.   In future compositions, it will be fun to play with some other solutions.

These horses embody lots of pattern and fanciful hairstyles.   I’m enjoying the different ways to use pattern & dreaming up new hair dos…..

“Queen Bee” is modeled after Stella, the lovely warmblood mare I recently painted as a commission.  As I have mentioned, this mare has such presence and attitude.  Here she is in the dream realm.  I started with an all-over geometric design with a mask pen.  After the mask was removed, the pattern only appears in the places that received paint.  In the white areas, the pattern is implied- a vehicle I enjoy using in all my painting. I’m always looking for opportunities for lost & found edges, defining with negative space, and using implication to tell a story.  The palette is a strong use of contrasts with “orange” (burnt & raw siennas) and “blue” (cobalt and maganese for their granulating effects, and ultramarine for its mixing properties).

Discovering Your Muse: An Art and Creativity Workshop

Discovering Your Muse:An Art and Creativity Workshop
Saturday & Sunday,
September 20th & 21st

What is creativity? How do you access inspiration? Join artist and educator
Cheri Isgreen at the GAC to discover your muse Saturday and Sunday, September
21st and 22nd from 1 – 4 pm. Cost of the workshop is $65 and includes all supplies. Cheri will lead participants through a series of exercises exploring creativity while making a handmade journal and found object sculpture. This class is suitable for working artists wanting to recharge their battery, emerging artists looking for unusual techniques and non-artists desiring an outlet for creative expression. Cheri has taught Art Education for 30 years, was an Art Education Fellow with the US Department of Education and coauthor of the Colorado Art Education Standards.
$65.00 for 2 full days of instruction and inspiration.
Click HERE to register
"Out of the Shadows"  poured watercolor, copyright Cheri Isgreen
The horse is my Muse.       “Out of the Shadows” poured watercolor, copyright Cheri Isgreen