New Dream Horse Series

Dream Horses………………………..

the confluence of my dreams, experiences, and passions arise to my stream of consciousness from time to time.  Showing my Dream Horse watercolor paintings at the Equine Art in the Park, Denver and the Montrose Center for the Arts Pop-Up Show have brought new energy to this creative direction.

In their new incarnation, the Dream Horses are mixed media, not quite bas-relief, but definitely semi-sculptural.

dreamhorse large
Size large: roughly 24″ x 20″  $125              Each piece is created individually, so size varies slightly.  Pictured above: pink horse: hand-dyed, handwoven cotton, handwoven patches of pieced cotton, silk, & novelty fibers in violet range; violet copper wires; fresh water pearls, crystals, handblown glass, & millefiori beads; metallic & cotton fibers in mane & tail.  Violet horse: handwoven cotton, silk, & novelty fibers; violet & aqua copper wire; handblown glass, crystal, natural stone, and rose quartz beads; silk, metallic, rayon, and cotton fibers in mane & tail.

I start with my handwoven fabric, shaping with colorful wire, sewing, and pressing.  Legs are created with rare and precious beads.  Manes and tails are formed with natural fibers, novelty yarns, and sizing.  The horses are then finished with more wire and beads.

The mixed media Dream Horses come in three sizes: large (above); medium & small (see below.)  Fill out the information on the purchase link to receive photographs and details  of available sizes, materials, and colors.  Custom horses can be created with your horse’s hair and/or your sentimental jewels, fabrics, etc.

To order please visit purchase link.  All details will be handled securely through email.


dreamhorse medium
Medium size mixed media Dream Horse: approximately 12″ x 16″  $65                                                  hand-dyed, handwoven cotton fabric; copper wires; crystals, handblown glass, millefiori, & glass pony beads; metallic & silk fibers in mane & tail.
dreamhorse small
Small size mixed media Dream Horse: approximately 7″ x 10″  $45                                                  handwoven silk, metallic, cotton fabric; copper wires; vintage tube beads; metallic & silk fibers in mane & tail.

To read more about my Dream Horse inspirations, click Dream Horse Link

Dream Horses at Pop Up Gallery

Montrose Center for the Arts and Weehawken Creative Arts present a “POP-UP GALLERY”  May 19 – May 31, 2018 at the Montrose Field House, corner of Rio Grande and Colorado Ave.   Join me for the Opening Reception, May 19 from 2-4 pm.  Light snacks and refreshments provided, and sales will be open!  Commission proceeds benefit the Center.

I am showing three of my Dream Horses, “Carousel,” “Spanish Walk,” and “Walk Like An Egyptian.”

Unlike my equine portraits and pastoral compositions, Dream Horses arise from a deeper, mysterious place- the confluence of my experiences, emotions, and energy.  Dream Horses are part nocturnal dreams and part dream goals; part whimsey, part wistfulness, and part triumph.  The process of mastery and harmony with the horse is a long dedicated journey traveled by luminaries Xenophon, de la Guérinière, Podhajsky, and mere mortals, such as myself.  Dreams Horses are elusive, unpredictable, free spirits.  During the artistic process, I release control to the emergence of the horse, which evolves from old world cultures, shared traditions, modern design, and playful exploration, synthesized with my experiences, (the sensation of fluid power, connection, and engagement upon his back) and profound feelings of awe and gratitude for everything the horse gives.  Dream Horses represent idealized beauty, power, grace, generosity, and wisdom.


“Spanish Walk”  &  “Walk Like An Egyptian”

watercolor 20″ x 16″ framed; $350 each;  to order visit purchase link


%22Dream Horse #4.Carousel%22
“Dream Horse #4, Carousel” copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015

Dream Horses

I’m dreaming of long-legged horses with fantastic hair dos.  This has become a pursuit I have been investigating this past month.  The images come into my mind, and since the horses are not based on real anatomy, the research is in working out pleasing proportions for these fantasy horses.

Dream Horse #1 "Queen Bee" copyright Cheri Isgreen
Dream Horse #1 “Queen Bee” copyright Cheri Isgreen

Like long legged fashion models,  questions arose-

*Do I include joints, or do I simply suggest long legggggggggs stretching to infinity?

*If I show the joints, (knees, hocks, fetlocks),  where do I place them along the continuum?

*What is more pleasing, normal sized joints within long legs, or elongated, like the legs themselves?  If I elongate the joints, what happens if I exaggerate their sizes?  If I make substantial feet, I can express the power in the hoofbeat…  What is the effect if I make tiny hooves with the joints becoming progressively smaller as they got longer?

Plenty of decisions to make & a lot of variables to draw, explore, and think about.  In my first three compositions, I’ve decided to include the joints, as I love articulating them.  I decided not to exaggerate them, either smaller or larger.   In future compositions, it will be fun to play with some other solutions.

These horses embody lots of pattern and fanciful hairstyles.   I’m enjoying the different ways to use pattern & dreaming up new hair dos…..

“Queen Bee” is modeled after Stella, the lovely warmblood mare I recently painted as a commission.  As I have mentioned, this mare has such presence and attitude.  Here she is in the dream realm.  I started with an all-over geometric design with a mask pen.  After the mask was removed, the pattern only appears in the places that received paint.  In the white areas, the pattern is implied- a vehicle I enjoy using in all my painting. I’m always looking for opportunities for lost & found edges, defining with negative space, and using implication to tell a story.  The palette is a strong use of contrasts with “orange” (burnt & raw siennas) and “blue” (cobalt and maganese for their granulating effects, and ultramarine for its mixing properties).