Happy Valentines Day

As I progress with my rehab, I was able to begin making art again.  My stamina and focus are not back to normal yet, so I planned a simple project: series of graphic Valentines based on grid design.  All except the final design were built from the center to outside border.  The black checkerboard patterns were designed with an eye for a pleasing balance of “white space,” figure/ground.  Then the red accents were added.  For the final design, I knew I wanted a graphic border with a heart inside, so that final Valentine was designed from the outside border inward towards the center heart.

Yesterday was Galentines Day, celebrating the friendship of women.  I made a card for each of my Book Buddies and brought them to my book group last night.  The feature image I saved for my husband.  He has been a blessing in my care and rehab.

Though I’m not 100%, I look forward to returning to the process of making art.