“HIGH POINT” Travels to Mélange Telluride for August 2014

“HIGH POINT” arrives in Telluride, Colorado just in time for the 38th annual Telluride Jazz Festival.  http://telluridejazz.org

"Dancer"  watercolor, 16"X20" $300
“Dancer” watercolor, 16″ x  20″

“Dancer,” and “Who’s Got the Blues” were both inspired for this Telluride venue.  The paintings will be debuted at Mélange Gallery, 109 W. Colorado.

"Who's Got de Blues?" copyright C Isgreen 2014
“Who’s Got de Blues?” copyright C Isgreen 2014


“High Point,” features the equine artwork of Cheri Isgreen and Barbara Haynie.  This year-long traveling art show visits Mélange in Telluride during the month of  August.  The show opens Friday, August 1st just in time for Jazz Fest. An opening reception is slated for Thursday, August 7th during the Telluride Art Walk.  Isgreen and Haynie will show their equine inspired watercolors, acrylics, and found objects sculpture.  In keeping with the Chinese Year of the Horse, the community is invited to create their own works with an installation of Chinese brush painting and origami horses during the reception.  Hours are 5-8 PM.

Both Isgreen and Haynie are life-long equestrians, passionate about their horses.  Though Isgreen works in watercolor and Haynie in acrylic, both artists love bold color, using unusual color mixtures to convey power, energy, and nobility of the horse.  Defined as contemporary western art, both artists work loosely to suggest ideas and imagery, while maintaining fidelity to equine anatomy.  “I see my paintings as somewhat narrative, yet I strive for a sense of mystery.  Mystery engages my viewers, giving them a way to connect.  I never tell the whole story.  Instead I give my viewers a suggestion, allowing them to fill in the gaps from their own experiences,”  states Isgreen.  With the show opening during the Jazz Festival weekend, Isgreen, a jazz aficionado,  has created two new jazz-inspired works.  “Dancer” expresses the high energy joy that jazz stimulates.  “Who’s Got da Blues” is reminiscent of the blues clubs atmosphere she experienced during her young adult years in Chicago.   “High Point”  captivates art and horse lovers of all disciplines, delighting them with a variety of imagery.

Mélange Telluride, 109 W Colorado is an art & design boutique and artist studio run by working artists.  It is a space for creation and to generate revenue for local and Colorado artists.  Cheri resides in Montrose.  Her work has been exhibited internationally and throughout Colorado.  Barb, a Fort Collins artist has exhibited both regionally and in Colorado.   “We are very excited to share our art with Telluride in August.  Mélange is a dynamic space to show art!” expressed Isgreen.

To learn more about Isgreen’s work, visit her blog  https://cheriisgreenfineart.wordpress.com or like her page on Face Book https://www.facebook.com/CheriIsgreenFineArt

Mélange can be found at http://telluridearts.org/melange/

More Works in Progress

It’s a busy time in the studio.  I’m working on two poured watercolors.  The pouring technique requires multiple drying times.  After the watercolor paper has been stretched or after a pour has been completed, the paper MUST DRY THOROUGHLY before applying the next mask.  Then after the mask has been applied, the mask MUST ALSO DRY THOROUGHLY before applying new paint.  Without patience, the mask will permanently bond to the paper, thus spoiling the painting.  The drying can not be speeded up with a hair dryer or putting the artwork in the hot sun.  This will only encourage the mask to bond with the paper.  With all this wait time, it was prudent to begin a second painting.  As I paint, I go into my right brain losing a sense of time and sequence.  Sometimes I forgot what stage I was at when I returned to the dried painting….do I mask or do I paint?

“Wise” is close to being finished.  You can see the magic of the poured color interaction on the wet paper surface.  Tridad palette of cobalt blue, rose madder permanent, and raw sienna.   This triad creates beautiful neutrals because the yellow, raw sienna is already a neutralized yellow.

"WISE" second pour
“WISE” second pour
"WISE" last pour
“WISE” last pour

The next step, taking off the mask is like unwrapping a Christmas present.  Then the problem solving comes, determining the steps to resolve the painting.  This is when I use my paint brush, going directly into the painting to resolve all the design and painting details.





The second painting captures the swish of tails on a summer afternoon.  No title yet.  After initial masking, I did a modified pour on the foreground and a splatter “wash” on the sky.  Pure color triad: cobalt blue, rose madder permanent, aureolin

first pour, untitled
first pour, untitled


Stay tuned.

He Calls the Wind Mariah

"He Calls the Wind Mariah" copyright Cheri Isgreen  July 2014
“He Calls the Wind Mariah” copyright Cheri Isgreen
July 2014

 A majestic steed turns his head to the wind to listen and smell whatever information the wind will bring him.  Watercolor 16″ X 20″

As I was putting on the final brush strokes, the song “They Call the Wind Mariah” just popped into my head.  It always amazes me how small those finishing brush strokes are, yet how important they are to the painting. Those small additions bring the whole composition into resolution.  I add a stroke or two; then step back and study.  Another stroke and study again.  After a final brushstroke or two, I stop and walk away.  If I like the composition the following morning, then I sign it.   If I need to add something rather major, then the painting will probably never be resolved, only overworked.  The trick is to say just enough to satisfy without giving the whole story away.  I strive to preserve the mystery.


High Point Weekend schedule of events

“HIGH POINT, the Art of Showing Horses” is coming to Montrose, Colorado with a variety of events scheduled to engage the community with horses and art.

I will offer two door prizes during the “High Point” engagement at A&Y Gallery, based on my artwork.  Lucky winners can choose either a “High Point” tee shirt or a set of “Year of the Horse” cards.  Sign up for the drawing when you visit the show.  One winner will be drawn on Friday night at the Opening.  The second winner will be drawn at the close of the show, June 30th.  You may enter each time you visit the show through the month of June.  Winners need not be present to win, but they must fill out their entries legibly so we can contact them! Continue reading “High Point Weekend schedule of events”

Meet Monarch at A&Y Gallery

Monarch, the subject of this painting, is a 14 year old Lipizzan gelding. Monarch will be visiting at A&Y Design Gallery, 513 E Main, in Montrose, Colorado to kick off the “HIGH POINT, the Art of Showing Horses” during the Main in Motion Preview, June 5th.

Horse Painting
Watercolor; size 16″ X 20″ price: $300

Use his white coat as your canvas; you are invited to decorate him with body paints and have your photo taken with him. A face painter will be on site if you’d like your face decorated too. While at the Gallery, preview the show, pick up some cards designed by Cheri, and bid on the silent auctions pieces to benefit James Klienert’s initiative to protect Colorado’s Wild Horses.

Barb’s painting depicting a young boy painting his white pony with be one of the paintings offered for silent auction. To make an early bid, call 970-596-5555. Minimum bid $125. Framed acrylic, 12″ X 16″ $250

Head, Heart, Hands, Health" Copyright B. Haynie
Head, Heart, Hands, Health” Copyright B. Haynie

“High Point” traveling to Montrose in June

“HIGH POINT, The Art of Showing Horses” debuts in Montrose at the A&Y Design Gallery, 513 E Main with three days of activities and events.

With Main Street closed to traffic and open to evening strollers, Monarch, my Lipizzan gelding will arrive at A&Y Design Gallery to stand for body painting and pose for pictures with you. Photos of you, Monarch, and your creations can be emailed to your computer. Have you ever painted a horse? What designs will you create? Krystine Maximer will also be present for face painting.

Head, Heart, Hands, Health" Copyright B. Haynie
Head, Heart, Hands, Health” Copyright B. Haynie

While you are there, stop in the gallery to preview the show, or bid on the silent auction pieces to benefit the Colorado’s Wild Horses.

FRIDAY, JUNE 6TH: First Friday Art Walk OPENING for “HIGH POINT” in Montrose. The artists will each preview new work, with the show consisting of more than three dozen pieces, including painting, prints, and sculpture. Find the perfect piece of art for your home, business, or barn. It’s wedding and graduation season. Give artwork for the new home.

Opening events include live music with Karen and Friends, featuring the music of Karen Mercer, Margaret Freeman, and Kurt Isgreen. Refreshments include barn-themed food for horses and humans, as well as Oriental treats to celebrate 2014 Year of the Horse. Remember to fill a treat cup to bring back to the barn for your equine friends. Try your hand at Chinese brush painting with ink mural materials or the Zen board. A book of equine brush paintings will guide your artwork. Pick up materials and directions to make a folded, origami-style horse, called “zhezhi” in China. Participate in the silent auction to protect Colorado’s Wild Horses, and purchase cards with proceeds to aid the cause. A&Y Design Gallery will be the place to be Friday, June 6th for art, music, and community. Continue reading ““High Point” traveling to Montrose in June”