About Cheri Isgreen: Creating Art Feeds My Soul

With a focus on light, form, and color, my colorful contemporary paintings will enliven any space or home. Being outdoors and visually investigating horses, flowers, and the natural world feeds my soul.  I enjoy working in watercolor, mixed media, and sculpture.

With a focus on light, form, and color, my colorful contemporary paintings will enliven any space or home.  I’m drawn to horses, flowers, and the natural world.  Being outdoors and visually investigating these subjects feeds my soul.

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I am fascinated by the relationship between light and shadow on natural forms; compositions develop as I respond to the interplay of light and the variety of shapes and colors that result.  I enjoy working in watercolor, mixed media, and sculpture.

  • With watercolor, I seek fresh, unexpected color mixtures through spontaneous wet-into-wet techniques.
  • In mixed media, I develop a lively visual surface, juxtaposing abstract shapes with living forms, while combining  color and texture.
  • In sculpture, I capture the spirit of the piece through lively gesture, hand-rubbed metallic finishes, and found-object embellishments.

Regardless of the medium, I preserve a sense of mystery and narrative, allowing the viewer to connect to my artwork through her experiences and emotions.

My art reflects all that my senses record: the luminous, ephemeral beauty of flowers; the wonder of visiting new places, and of course the noble presence of the horse.   My equine art is informed by a lifetime spent with horses in daily care and training.  Through my experiences, I’ve gained  intimate knowledge of the equine spirit and anatomy.  Touching sinuous curves, tendon lines, and muscular shapes; inhaling the equine scent; burying my cold face into a warm, soft, winter coat; sharing a horse’s breath; and gazing deeply into a horse’s soul.  Monarch, my wise and sensitive partner, a Lipizzan X Andalusian gelding, appears in many of my works.

Photo of Cheri on her horse Monarch behind flowers

From cultivated gardens to scenic wild lands, I’m drawn to express the beauty around me.  In nature I work alla prima to create bright, energetic compositions.  As an avid travel sketcher, I record a wide variety of experiences from cities, towns, and neighborhoods; wilderness and nature; festivals, musicians, and street life.  All these experiences enlighten my studio work.



Cheri Isgreen is a signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society.  As a retired art educator, she taught the gamut of media, styles, and subjects, giving her the strong range she draws upon today when creating her watercolor and mixed media compositions.

Upon retirement, Cheri changed focus to  develop her personal vision in watercolor.  Stir Gallery in Colorado Springs gave Cheri her first one woman show in 2012, pointing her on the path she follows today.   In 2013 she entered her first art competition, receiving two patron awards and People’s Choice.  In 2014 Cheri embarked on a year-long traveling exhibition, “High Point,” a benefit art show raising over $2K for nonprofits.  Cheri feels strongly about “paying it forward.”  To schedule a benefit art show with Cheri, click the link: LET’S TALK   Since 2014, Cheri has exhibited widely in regional, national, and international juried & invitational shows. Her artwork has been showcased in museums, galleries, and publications both in the United States and abroad.

Cheri keeps an active studio schedule, winning awards in juried exhibitions, showing in galleries, accepting commissions, and maintaining an online presence through her website and social media.  Along with an active studio schedule, Cheri is a popular workshop instructor at regional arts centers and through online instruction.  CLICK LINK TO JOIN CHERI IN A WORKSHOP




Cheri is represented by:

  • Backstreet, Montrose, CO
  • Montrose Center for the Arts
  • Gunnison Arts Center, Gunnison, Co
  • Redstone Art Gallery, Redstone, CO
  • 610 Arts Collective, Ridgway, CO

Mexico Travel Journal Winter 2017 p12

guanajuato(similar composition to Page 10)  This is a studio study of Guanajuato for my next painting which I plan to pour.  (Stay tuned…)  I call it “After School.”  I took this photo because the lighting made a good composition, and the flagstone pattern in the sidewalk and street made an inviting entrance into the picture plane.  It was only after I returned that I noticed the strong visual connection between the mother and her daughter.  Even with her back turned away from the camera, I could see this pair had eyes only for each other.  Such a sweet subject.

Dream Horses 3D

Sometimes ideas come and are quickly brought to fruition.  Sometimes an idea gestates before it takes material form.  The idea for my Dream Horses began last summer.  Before I could express them three dimensionally, I developed them in drawings and paintings.

3D Dream Horses $125 copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
3D Dream Horses $125 copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015

See          https://cheriisgreenfineart.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/dream-horses/

Dream Horse #2
Dream Horse #2 “Walk Like an Egyptian” 14″x10″ $350

But actually I saw the three dimensional horses first.  Like the 2D versions, my new sculptural Dream Horses are stylized and leggy with strong geometric references and derivations from ancient cultures.  The techniques for these new horses evolved from my work with the clay fish.

See          https://cheriisgreenfineart.wordpress.com/2015/08/11/one-fish-two-fish-red-fish-blue-fish/

“Two Fish” copyright C Isgreen $65 (stoneware bas-relief sculpture, roughly 11″ x 10″)

Each horse begins with a set of four legs in two pairs.  I search my home landscaping for branches that suggest front legs and back legs.  The branches are sun-cured for several days before they are stable for use in the sculpture.

Mare & Foal view 1 copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
Mare & Foal view 1
copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
Mare & Foal, view 2 copyright Cheri Isgreen
Mare & Foal, view 2 copyright Cheri Isgreen

Next, a gestural drawing from heavy gauge copper wire is created.  This wire work serves as both a guide to the finished horse, as well as an armature to strengthen the sculpture.  Because the wooden legs are integral to the finished horse sculpture, I needed to find a medium that hardened without firing.  I began my prototypes by sculpting with air-dry clay.  This clay proved unsatisfactory, as it was too fragile to withstand the demands of sculpture. Through lots of experimenting, I’ve developed my own compound, (my secret recipe), that improves the durability of the sculpture.  The compound I use behaves much like fired stoneware.  When the form has evolved to my satisfaction, I finish my horses with carved geometric designs.  At this point, the horses must rest to cure.  After many days, the sculptures have hardened and are ready for the finishes.

“Abracadabra” carved geometric designs; copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015

I begin by applying a matt black paint to the entire surface of the sculpture.  Next I burnish with a metallic medium, carefully blending the colors to the effect I envision.  When the colors are balanced and desirable, I put several coats of clear acrylic glaze to enhance the colors and further protect the sculpture.

Capriceaux metallic burnished finish; copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
Capriceaux metallic burnished finish; copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015

I finish with copper wire, in colors carefully selected to complement the surface design of each sculpture.  The wire is shaped and modeled, refining the personification of each horse’s spirit.

The Wind Horses, wire treatment to complement each horse; copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
The Wind Horses, wire treatment to complement each horse; copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
Zephyr and Sirocco, view 2; copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
Zephyr and Sirocco, view 2;
copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015

The Dream Horses will be showing August 21st through September 14th at Commonwheel, 102 Cañon Avenue, Manitou Springs, CO.  To purchase, visit the gallery or contact Juanita   719-685-1008.