Offering #3 Small Works

Artist Support Pledge

Offering #3 shows small artworks in a long rectangular format.  All are offered as part of the #ArtistSupportPledge.  To review, the Covid19 pandemic wreaked economic havoc in art community.  With art centers shuttered, galleries closed, exhibitions and classes canceled,  avenues for artists generating income and making a living disappeared. As art galleries and centers begin to reopen, attendance is sparse, so support for artists continues to be critical.

British artist, Matthew Burrows conceived of a platform where artists can share and sell their artwork to stimulate the art market and directly benefit other artists.  Through Instagram, artists post images of their work with the pledge that each time the artist makes $1000 in sales, the artist will commit to using 20% of their earnings to purchase another artist’s work.  Burrows’ concept creates a sustainable “micro-culture and economy” to generate income and immediacy.  Along with offering my small artworks on Instagram as part of the Artist Support Pledge, I am also offering them on Facebook and this website.  To learn more, read How a hashtag caused a surge of optimism for artists on Instagram

Become part of this worldwide movement to keep the Arts alive!

Offering #3 highlights the four seasons, including small works in horizontal and vertical formats, framed in brushed silver metal frames.  Price includes framing and shipping.  The larger format celebrates the landscape in glowing autumn and peaceful winter.  The smaller format spotlights the glories of spring and summer.

Larger Size 13″ x 7″  $125

Forest Gems
Forest Gems; larger size: 13″ x 7″  $125

Forest Gems:  when I hike, I am mesmerized by the wealth of shapes and colors of fallen leaves along the trail and the forest floor.  The leaves create a mosaic of cool pattern in the summer and warm pattern in the autumn.  Colorful patterns sparked this painting, but I wanted push it farther than just a composition of color and pattern.  Before painting, I stitched the watercolor paper in metallic threads, then drew leaf patterns in resist.  The stitchery and resist highlight the fallen leaves over washes of wet-into-wet color– pale for the patterns and deep for the background.  The metallic stitchery adds a subtle shimmer.

Dusk; larger size: 13″ x 7″  $125

In the winter, dusk is my favorite time of day.  The world is colored in subtle neutrals with bare branches stenciled against a pewter sky.

Smaller Size 12″ x 6″  $115

Like its wildflower cousin the Colorado Blue Columbine, the native Red Columbine inhabits alpine meadows in the Rocky Mountains.  Bookend this pair of paintings with the Stargazer Lily, a show-stopping centerpiece for cultivated gardens.

summer garden
Summer Garden, smaller size 12″ x 6″ $115

Tuck this little jewel in an intimate space, a powder room, entry hall, or small study.

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