High Point Updates

This is your last opportunity to see “HIGH POINT, the Art of Showing Horses” in Teluride at the historic Mélange Gallery.  HIGH POINT closes Thursday, August 28th.

HIGH POINT opens Saturday, August 30th in Redstone, at the newly remodeled Redstone Art Gallery.  Hours for the opening are 10am-5pm.  Cheri will show 2 new works, “Stormy Monday” and “Two Step.”  Both paintings  developed from ideas generated from previous works.

 “Two Step” evolved from the painting “Dancer.”

"Two Step" copyright Cheri Isgreen
“Two Step” copyright Cheri Isgreen
"Dancer"  watercolor, 16"X20" $300
“Dancer” watercolor, 16″X20″ $300












 “Stormy Monday” is a poured water color based on her Storm series.   “Storm’s A-Comin” and “Who’s got the Blues” are other paintings in this series.

"Stormy Monday" copyright Cheri Isgreen
“Stormy Monday”  poured watercolor, copyright Cheri Isgreen
"Storm's A-Comin" copyright Cheri Isgreen
“Storm’s A-Comin” painted watercolor, copyright Cheri Isgreen
"Who's Got de Blues?" copyright C Isgreen 2014
“Who’s Got de Blues?” painted and splattered watercolor, copyright C Isgreen 201




















HIGH POINT will sponsor 3 “creation stations” where visitors can try their hands at Chinese brush painting, zen painting, and origami.   Cheri is donating a painting for the silent auction to benefit homeless artists.  All visitors to the art show can register to win a HIGH POINT tee shirt.


Opening Mélange Telluride

The show runs through August 28th.  Stop in to see the artwork and complete some interactive community art, including found objects sculpture, origami, and Chinese brush painting.

discussing art at the opening
discussing art at the opening
observed in Telluride
observed in Telluride, click on image to see the whole message



“High Point” and the Telluride Jazz Festival Open Today!

Mélange Telluride, a contemporary artist studio and gallery, run by working artists is hosting “HIGH POINT, the Art of Showing Horses” for the month of August.

showing August 2014
showing August 2014

History and myth are  staples of Telluride, the historic mining town in SW Colorado, nestled in the beautiful San Juan Mountains at an altitude of over 9,ooo feet. With abundant snowfall, Telluride boasts a world class ski area, as well as world renown festivals.  The gallery occupies the historic Telluride Bank, where Butch Cassidy blew into town on June 24, 1889 and robbed his first bank.  He fled with $21,000 to a remote area of Utah, known as Robbers Roost.


In August, the Vault Gallery showcases athletic horses displaying their beauty and artistry through the skills of their English riders in the disciplines of dressage,  show jumping, and eventing.  The Vault is an intimate, unique space to exhibit art.  Enjoy the installation of Cheri’s and Barb’s visions and expressions of the equestrian arts in watercolor and acrylics.













"Spring" & "Starting the Colt" by Brarbara Haynie
“Spring” & “Starting the Colt” by Brarbara Haynie










Drop in to see the show while enjoying fabulous jazz, breathtaking scenery, a summer of amazing wildflowers accessible on abundant hiking and mountain biking trails, haute cuisine, and that “je ne sais quois” atmosphere Telluride is known for.

RECEPTION AUGUST 7, 5PM-8PM during the Telluride First Thursdays Art Walk

“HIGH POINT” Travels to Mélange Telluride for August 2014

“HIGH POINT” arrives in Telluride, Colorado just in time for the 38th annual Telluride Jazz Festival.  http://telluridejazz.org

"Dancer"  watercolor, 16"X20" $300
“Dancer” watercolor, 16″ x  20″

“Dancer,” and “Who’s Got the Blues” were both inspired for this Telluride venue.  The paintings will be debuted at Mélange Gallery, 109 W. Colorado.

"Who's Got de Blues?" copyright C Isgreen 2014
“Who’s Got de Blues?” copyright C Isgreen 2014


“High Point,” features the equine artwork of Cheri Isgreen and Barbara Haynie.  This year-long traveling art show visits Mélange in Telluride during the month of  August.  The show opens Friday, August 1st just in time for Jazz Fest. An opening reception is slated for Thursday, August 7th during the Telluride Art Walk.  Isgreen and Haynie will show their equine inspired watercolors, acrylics, and found objects sculpture.  In keeping with the Chinese Year of the Horse, the community is invited to create their own works with an installation of Chinese brush painting and origami horses during the reception.  Hours are 5-8 PM.

Both Isgreen and Haynie are life-long equestrians, passionate about their horses.  Though Isgreen works in watercolor and Haynie in acrylic, both artists love bold color, using unusual color mixtures to convey power, energy, and nobility of the horse.  Defined as contemporary western art, both artists work loosely to suggest ideas and imagery, while maintaining fidelity to equine anatomy.  “I see my paintings as somewhat narrative, yet I strive for a sense of mystery.  Mystery engages my viewers, giving them a way to connect.  I never tell the whole story.  Instead I give my viewers a suggestion, allowing them to fill in the gaps from their own experiences,”  states Isgreen.  With the show opening during the Jazz Festival weekend, Isgreen, a jazz aficionado,  has created two new jazz-inspired works.  “Dancer” expresses the high energy joy that jazz stimulates.  “Who’s Got da Blues” is reminiscent of the blues clubs atmosphere she experienced during her young adult years in Chicago.   “High Point”  captivates art and horse lovers of all disciplines, delighting them with a variety of imagery.

Mélange Telluride, 109 W Colorado is an art & design boutique and artist studio run by working artists.  It is a space for creation and to generate revenue for local and Colorado artists.  Cheri resides in Montrose.  Her work has been exhibited internationally and throughout Colorado.  Barb, a Fort Collins artist has exhibited both regionally and in Colorado.   “We are very excited to share our art with Telluride in August.  Mélange is a dynamic space to show art!” expressed Isgreen.

To learn more about Isgreen’s work, visit her blog  https://cheriisgreenfineart.wordpress.com or like her page on Face Book https://www.facebook.com/CheriIsgreenFineArt

Mélange can be found at http://telluridearts.org/melange/