Promise, Dream Horse

Promise, an elegant leggy filly.

She is a prophesy of her breeding and bright future.

Currently showing at the Montrose Arts Center.  Promise has been entered in the Montrose Visual Art Guild Annual Exhibition, October 9-13, 2019 at Camelot Gardens, Hwy 550, Montrose, CO.

Mixed media: ceramic body,  forsythia legs, metallic, acrylic, and enamel finishes, copper wire, wood base.  18″ x 14″ x 4″  $250  Purchase through Montrose Center for the Arts: (970) 252-0241, or visit the center at 219 E Main St, Montrose, CO 81401.Promise


Galaxy, Dream Horse

Galaxy is the eternal horse; he glows in subtle shades of the blue heaven above. Visit Galaxy and Liberté  at the 610 Arts Collective on Clinton Street, Ridgway Colorado. Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00 am-5:00 pm. Each sculptures is 18″ tall; $250.


Mixed media process includes ceramic sculpture, integrated legs from cured forsythia, multilayered surfaces including hand-rubbed metallic finish, copper wire hair treatments, and enameled wooded bases.

If not in the area, purchase and shipping can be arranged by calling the Gallery and speaking to Trisha: 970-318-0150 or visiting this link: purchase a Dream Horse

Liberté, Dream Horse Sculpture

Introducing Liberté, completed on the 4th of July.  His hand rubbed metallic finish is evocative of the copper patina on the Statue of Liberty.  With an explosion of fireworks in his mane and tail, he symbolizes a celebration of freedom, both freedom of the wild horse, as well as freedom the United States guarantees its citizens.  This sculpture is dedicated “with liberty and justice for all,” especially for the least of us.

Mixed media sculpture includes ceramic body with textured patterns, cured forsythia legs, various proprietary compounds that blend forsythia to ceramic body, acrylic base coat,  metallic hand rubbed finish, acrylic clear coat, black enameled wooden base, and copper wire hair finish.  To learn more about this sculpture process, visit this link: Dream Horse process


You can visit/view Liberté at the 610 Arts Collective in Ridgway CO.  To purchase this free spirited celebratory horse, contact Trisha at the 610 Gallery,  970-318-0150.


Dream Horse Equine Sculptures


Meet Sazerac, the first horse in my new mixed media equine sculpture series.  Sazerac is a jazzy horse, inspired by New Orleans.  He’s mellow as a fine whiskey with a touch of fire.

Requiring many steps to complete, my mixed media sculptures are a journey of art, fine craft, decision making, and most importantly playful creation.  The horses begin with a foraging trip to find legs from the many trees and shrubs on my property.  I like to use fruit wood and flowering shrubs, which are easy to shape while green and become quite hard during the drying process.  The legs for this series are exclusively forsythia.  As I forage, I am looking for limbs which suggest the anatomy of the horse, bumps and protrusions that echo fetlocks, chestnuts, hocks, knees, etc.  From my basket of gatherings, I sort legs into fronts and backs; then I find pairs that go together.  These groupings are sized, then bundled together for drying.  Some of the legs are shaped while green to push the suggestion of animation.

After the sets of legs are determined, I begin to sculpt the horses with a white clay body.  Each horse evolves organically, with its own gestures and personality.  Using a variety of found objects, I press a pattern into the soft clay.  Then I position the legs as they will appear after firing, checking for balance, anatomy, and temperament.  I note which legs will go with each horse before I remove them for drying and firing.  Drying the wood, as well as the clay takes patience- at least a month.


After the clay is fired, each set of legs is permanently attached to the selected horse using a special adhesive, allowing 24 hours to cure before sculpting the final musculature where legs join the horse’s trunk.   Over time, with much experimentation, I have developed a proprietary  compound that stays soft long enough to build the muscles and flesh, blending legs into the horse’s body, then dries hard and  bonds to the fired clay.  As everything cures, the horses get their own paddock to keep them safe.  As you can see from the photo, the drying process involves shrinkage, so sometimes another coat of the blended compound is applied to the upper legs before the finish work begins.IMG_9927After everything is dry, each horse gets a base coat of black acrylic paint.  When dry, each horse is hand rubbed with colored metallic pigments, and sealed with clear acrylic glaze.

I enjoy watching the interaction of the horses in their paddock after each application.  The copper green horse seems “buddied” to the red horse.  When all receive their finishes, they again come back together as a herd.  When the sealer is dry, I use a fine gauge wire to create hairstyles and attitude for each horse.  In the preview, you can see a close up view of Sazerac, detailing his pressed clay texture, metallic finish, articulation of limbs merging wooden legs with ceramic body, and copper wire mane.

Sazerac was shown at the 610 Arts Collective in Ridgway and sold in August.  Please contact Trisha: 970-318-0150 to learn of available Dream Horse Sculptures.


















New Dream Horse Series

Dream Horses………………………..

the confluence of my dreams, experiences, and passions arise to my stream of consciousness from time to time.  Showing my Dream Horse watercolor paintings at the Equine Art in the Park, Denver and the Montrose Center for the Arts Pop-Up Show have brought new energy to this creative direction.

In their new incarnation, the Dream Horses are mixed media, not quite bas-relief, but definitely semi-sculptural.

dreamhorse large
Size large: roughly 24″ x 20″  $125              Each piece is created individually, so size varies slightly.  Pictured above: pink horse: hand-dyed, handwoven cotton, handwoven patches of pieced cotton, silk, & novelty fibers in violet range; violet copper wires; fresh water pearls, crystals, handblown glass, & millefiori beads; metallic & cotton fibers in mane & tail.  Violet horse: handwoven cotton, silk, & novelty fibers; violet & aqua copper wire; handblown glass, crystal, natural stone, and rose quartz beads; silk, metallic, rayon, and cotton fibers in mane & tail.

I start with my handwoven fabric, shaping with colorful wire, sewing, and pressing.  Legs are created with rare and precious beads.  Manes and tails are formed with natural fibers, novelty yarns, and sizing.  The horses are then finished with more wire and beads.

The mixed media Dream Horses come in three sizes: large (above); medium & small (see below.)  Fill out the information on the purchase link to receive photographs and details  of available sizes, materials, and colors.  Custom horses can be created with your horse’s hair and/or your sentimental jewels, fabrics, etc.

To order please visit purchase link.  All details will be handled securely through email.


dreamhorse medium
Medium size mixed media Dream Horse: approximately 12″ x 16″  $65                                                  hand-dyed, handwoven cotton fabric; copper wires; crystals, handblown glass, millefiori, & glass pony beads; metallic & silk fibers in mane & tail.
dreamhorse small
Small size mixed media Dream Horse: approximately 7″ x 10″  $45                                                  handwoven silk, metallic, cotton fabric; copper wires; vintage tube beads; metallic & silk fibers in mane & tail.

To read more about my Dream Horse inspirations, click Dream Horse Link

Dream Horses 3D

Sometimes ideas come and are quickly brought to fruition.  Sometimes an idea gestates before it takes material form.  The idea for my Dream Horses began last summer.  Before I could express them three dimensionally, I developed them in drawings and paintings.

3D Dream Horses $125 copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
3D Dream Horses $125 copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015


Dream Horse #2
Dream Horse #2 “Walk Like an Egyptian” 14″x10″ $350

But actually I saw the three dimensional horses first.  Like the 2D versions, my new sculptural Dream Horses are stylized and leggy with strong geometric references and derivations from ancient cultures.  The techniques for these new horses evolved from my work with the clay fish.


“Two Fish” copyright C Isgreen $65 (stoneware bas-relief sculpture, roughly 11″ x 10″)

Each horse begins with a set of four legs in two pairs.  I search my home landscaping for branches that suggest front legs and back legs.  The branches are sun-cured for several days before they are stable for use in the sculpture.

Mare & Foal view 1 copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
Mare & Foal view 1
copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
Mare & Foal, view 2 copyright Cheri Isgreen
Mare & Foal, view 2 copyright Cheri Isgreen

Next, a gestural drawing from heavy gauge copper wire is created.  This wire work serves as both a guide to the finished horse, as well as an armature to strengthen the sculpture.  Because the wooden legs are integral to the finished horse sculpture, I needed to find a medium that hardened without firing.  I began my prototypes by sculpting with air-dry clay.  This clay proved unsatisfactory, as it was too fragile to withstand the demands of sculpture. Through lots of experimenting, I’ve developed my own compound, (my secret recipe), that improves the durability of the sculpture.  The compound I use behaves much like fired stoneware.  When the form has evolved to my satisfaction, I finish my horses with carved geometric designs.  At this point, the horses must rest to cure.  After many days, the sculptures have hardened and are ready for the finishes.

“Abracadabra” carved geometric designs; copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015

I begin by applying a matt black paint to the entire surface of the sculpture.  Next I burnish with a metallic medium, carefully blending the colors to the effect I envision.  When the colors are balanced and desirable, I put several coats of clear acrylic glaze to enhance the colors and further protect the sculpture.

Capriceaux metallic burnished finish; copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
Capriceaux metallic burnished finish; copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015

I finish with copper wire, in colors carefully selected to complement the surface design of each sculpture.  The wire is shaped and modeled, refining the personification of each horse’s spirit.

The Wind Horses, wire treatment to complement each horse; copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
The Wind Horses, wire treatment to complement each horse; copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
Zephyr and Sirocco, view 2; copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015
Zephyr and Sirocco, view 2;
copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015

The Dream Horses will be showing August 21st through September 14th at Commonwheel, 102 Cañon Avenue, Manitou Springs, CO.  To purchase, visit the gallery or contact Juanita   719-685-1008.