He Calls the Wind Mariah

"He Calls the Wind Mariah" copyright Cheri Isgreen  July 2014
“He Calls the Wind Mariah” copyright Cheri Isgreen
July 2014

 A majestic steed turns his head to the wind to listen and smell whatever information the wind will bring him.  Watercolor 16″ X 20″

As I was putting on the final brush strokes, the song “They Call the Wind Mariah” just popped into my head.  It always amazes me how small those finishing brush strokes are, yet how important they are to the painting. Those small additions bring the whole composition into resolution.  I add a stroke or two; then step back and study.  Another stroke and study again.  After a final brushstroke or two, I stop and walk away.  If I like the composition the following morning, then I sign it.   If I need to add something rather major, then the painting will probably never be resolved, only overworked.  The trick is to say just enough to satisfy without giving the whole story away.  I strive to preserve the mystery.