Dream Horse #2

“Walk Like an Egyptian”

At my opening Friday evening, I was discussing with a patron the effect of teaching art in public schools for 25 years.  As an art teacher, I taught 7 different classes each day, running the gamut of different artists, art movements, cultures, and history in a huge variety of media.  This experience has affected my personal thinking while I make art.  Subconsciously and intuitively, I draw from the rich cultural heritage of human experience, while reinterpreting old ideas into my own artistic style.

Dream Horse #2 "Walk Like an Egyptian"  14"x10"  $350
Dream Horse #2 “Walk Like an Egyptian” 14″x10″ $350


After this painting was completed, the song, “Walk Like an Egyptian” leaped into my mind.  Often times, a soundtrack begins to play as I contemplate the resolution for a painting. Then a snatch of lyrics suggests the title.

As discussed in the last post, the figure is elongated, with an emphasis on geometry, pattern, and an extravagant hairstyle.  This painting called for a simple and light-value background to showcase the figure.  Random dark brushstrokes over a lighter ground of earth toned strokes solidly grounds the horse.  The splatter wash in the deeper background lends atmosphere.