Knee Replacement: patience & forbearance

Thank you for following me.  It’s been some time since I have posted.  I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.  I spent the end of 2018 with family holidays and prepping for total left knee replacement.  I worked out regularly so I would go into my surgery strong and fit, focusing on cardio and core strength; balance and flexibility.  On January 9, I had my surgery for an injury that initially occurred 50 years ago, with repeated injuries and surgeries.  It was finally time to get my knee fixed.  It has been a challenge doing the rehab for a leg whose soft tissues on the outside of the left leg had shortened over the course of those long years.  I’m learning how to walk again with balance, deal with the muscle spasms and cramping that come with the hard work of physical therapy.  Slowly I am getting my mobility back, as I develop the patience and forbearance of a difficult recovery .  Stay with me while I heal and regain use of my leg.  When I am well enough, I will be working on new ideas, new techniques, and a new way of expressing myself.IMG_1672