“LEGACY” Jan 10, 2015

SAVE THE DATE:  “LEGACY” opens at the Ridgway Library Jan. 10. 2015.

Legacy is a collaboration between artists Sabrena Soong and Cheri Isgreen, celebrating the continuing traditions in art.

I first met Sabrena in 1987.  She was a “cute-as-a-bug” tiny, but mighty first grader.  I was student teaching in her classroom.  We clicked the very first time that she read to me.  Though quiet, I saw that Sabrena was an independent spirit, full of surprises.  Instead of bringing a normal-sized book to our reading nook, she chose the class-sized big book, “Mrs. Wishy Washy.”  Measuring over 3′ tall, the book was nearly as big as she.  It was early in the school year, yet she was actually reading, not just reciting memorized words from the predictable text.  Later during a social studies lesson, students were asked to draw flags.  Normally, a first grader draws a rectangle, then adds geometric design into that shape.  Instead Sabrena drew an accurately rendered flag draped with folds on a flag pole.  At that point, I realized Sabrena was not only special, she was a talented artist.  Later, after I received my teaching license and became her art teacher, I watched as her talent unfolded.  She became one of the highlights of my teaching week.

When Sabrena’s family moved from Montrose, we lost touch for awhile.  It was lucky for me that she had a large extended family in Montrose.  For her high school graduation, she returned for a big celebration for her and her cousins.  I was invited.  She brought several pieces of her artwork.  Just as I suspected, she was developing into a skillful artist.  With time and maturity, her art has continued to develop.  Today, as an accomplished artist, Sabrena’s abstract compositions focus on pure design: shape, color, placement, movement, etc.

copyright Sabrena Soong
copyright Sabrena Soong

True to her freethinking, individualistic style, Sabrena continues to follow her unique path.  She has opened an art gallery-coffeehouse in Colorado Springs that specializes in distinctive pies that become works of edible art.  When I retired from art education in 2010, it was Sabrena that gave me my first one-woman show.  That led to my watercolor pursuits today, and the yearlong art tour I just completed with Barbara Haynie.

I am choosing artworks that will complement Sabrena’s work, including my newest geometric Dream Horses, as well as some abstract landscapes.  The show will be held at the Ridgway Public Library from Jan. 10 – March 13, 2015.  Opening reception is scheduled for Jan. 10, 4-7 PM.  Refreshments will be served.

"Aurora Butte" copyright Cheri Isgreen
“Aurora Butte” copyright Cheri Isgreen