2020 Workshop Schedule

With the new protocols for social distancing to prevent infection of Coronavirus, my in-person workshops have been cancelled.  I have developed an in-depth color and composition course, Visual Poetry.  To learn more and to register, please visit this link:   VISUAL POETRY COLOR & COMPOSITION ON-LINE COURSE



In honor of Earth Day, I presented a 30 minute online virtual workshop for the Gunnison Arts Center.  Find inspiration in the Australian Aboriginal Songline tradition. This workshop will introduce you to the history of songlines, Dreamtime painting, and how to create a unique image by exploring a new way to view of the world. I painted my example using watercolors and white goatee.  You can use these materials, acrylics, gel inks, tempera, or your favorite medium.  Register through the Gunnison Arts Center $10.  Click link for this virtual class: Songlines Painting Workshop

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